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Just in case you like to know, I'm currently full-time father of 2 teenagers, half-time Perl hacker, sort-of DJ, bicyclist, no longer dreadlocked and more than 34 years old but too lazy to update my profile once a year.

I'm also head of Vienna.pm, member of the TPF Grants Commitee and the YAPC Europe Foundation and previous maintainer of the CPANTS project.

I've got stuff on CPAN, held various talks and organise the Austrian Perl Workshops and YAPC::Europe 2007.

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04.09.2015: Things I learned at YAPC::Europe 2015 in Granada

This years YAPC::Europe took place in Granada, a very nice and laid back city. I went there after two weeks of holidays in Spain and Morocco. Now I'm sitting at a rather touristy joint waiting for my Churros & Chocolate - a nice way to end several rather intense days in Spain. I did one talk and one lightning talk: Picture of the day ...
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Picture of the Day: Autumn is here

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04.09.2015: Picture of the Day

Showing off my toolchain to keep Picture of the Day simple Slides: Slides for YAPC::Europe 2015, featuring lot of Perl6 code Slides for German Perl Workshop 2015 (older version of the ...
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03.09.2015: Measure::Everything

A lightning talk on Measure::Everything Slides: Slides for Vienna System Architects Meetup (2015-09-17) Slides for YAPC::Europe 2015 ...
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01.08.2015: Announcing Measure::Everything

tl;dr: New on CPAN: Measure::Everything - Log::Any for Stats The next step0 in our quest to collect lots of data from our services is to enable apps to easily offload stats somewhere. We want to be able to generate stats everywhere, be it Controllers, Models, helper scripts, utility classes or roles, etc. I really like how Log::Any enables you ...
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26.07.2015: Announcing InfluxDB::LineProtocol

tl;dr: New on CPAN: InfluxDB::LineProtocol - Write and read InfluxDB LineProtocol We recently moved from Graphite / Whisper to InfluxDB to store various stats generated by our applications, mostly because we were unhappy with whisper. And InfluxDB is new and shiny, so it must be good! Well, it turns out the InfluxDB is in fact quite good. But ...
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"A senior person demonstrates technical leadership by creating the processes that other people can follow, thereby enabling delegation and multiplying their effectiveness." http://everythingsysadmin.com/2012/09/seniorsysadmins.html
03.10.2015 11:51:42

Just wrote my first few lines of Go; feels a bit weird, but not completly disgusting
02.10.2015 16:52:27

Dear SQL standards committee, please change UPDATE to: UPDATE table WHERE id = 42 SET foo = 'bar';
02.10.2015 11:38:02

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