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Just in case you like to know, I'm currently full-time father of 2 nearly grown-up sons, half-time Perl hacker, sort-of DJ, bicyclist, cook, taker-of-pictures and 40+ years old but too lazy to update my profile once a year.

I'm also head of Vienna.pm, member of the TPF Grants Commitee and the YAPC Europe Foundation and previous maintainer of the CPANTS project.

I've got stuff on CPAN, held various talks and organise the Austrian Perl Workshops and YAPC::Europe 2007.

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02.01.2017: Vienna.pm Meeting dates for 2017 (as calculated by Perl 6)

By the power vested in me by the laziness of the other Vienna.pm members, I hereby declare the following dates for Vienna.pm TechSocialMeetings: Mon, 2017-01-16 @ validad Tue, 2017-02-21 Wed, 2017-03-22 Thu, 2017-04-20 Fri, 2017-05-19 Mon, 2017-06-19 Tue, 2017-09-19 Wed, 2017-10-18 Thu, 2017-11-16 Fri, 2017-12-22 Each meeting will start at ...
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Picture of the Day: Broken glasses

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24.12.2016: die bim fahrt nach simmering

Kate Tempest eröffnet mit einem der besten Lieder dieses Jahres, wenn auch nicht sehr zuversichtlich: Europe is Lost (1), "America lost, London lost .. here in the land where nobody gives a fuck". Common schreibt einen Letter to the Free (2) hoffend auf Freedom, aber weil "now you wanna trump me" werden wohl noch länger "won't be long" singen ...
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23.12.2016: Announcing Plack::Middleware::PrettyException

In the last few days I extracted some code buried in our interal Tools-repo into a distinct distribution. I added some tests and documentation, and a few hours ago Plack::Middleware::PrettyException hit CPAN. Plack::Middleware::PrettyException allows you to use exceptions in your models (and also controllers, but they should be kept slim!) and ...
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13.09.2016: Too dumb for TCP

It seems I'm too dumb for handling raw TCP. Please, dear Internet, teach me what I'm doing wrong! What I'm trying to do I want to send some data to Telegraf via TCP. So I open a socket and send the data. All is well, until Telegraf is restarted, thus losing the connection to the sending script. So I want to catch the lost connection, reconnect, ...
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04.09.2016: Alpine Perl Workshop 2016

On 2nd and 3rd September Vienna.pm and Swiss Perl mongers hosted the first Alpine Perl Workshop in Innsbruck, Austria. Day 1 The conference started with an interesting and fun talk by brian d foy on the terse history of the Schwartzian Transform. Next was Bradley Anderson who released the Turducken. I assume if he'd anticipated that the ...
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"The one thing all three frameworks have in common is overly simplistic examples and generally poor documentation of how to route in the real world." :-) https://github.com/stickfigure/blog/wiki/Opinionated-Comparison-of-React%2C-Angular2%2C-and-Aurelia
07.04.2017 11:05:39

Current status: fixing encoding issues in a piece of code written in 2001 by a guy who died 4 years ago
29.03.2017 00:45:23

writing tests takes ages, but is still more fun than hunting bugs, which takes ages^2
31.01.2017 12:26:49

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