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My personal twitter. Via an irssi plugin I can post messages directly from IRC to this microblog, without having to rely on shady startups that get too much attention. I'm a hacker, I roll my own.

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domm hates vinyls where one side is 33 and the other 45 (zerodB, I'm looking at you)
31.07.2012 13:16:46
nice: http://what-if.xkcd.com/3/ All things considered, switching to Yoda Power probably isn't worth the trouble - though it would definitely be green.
21.07.2012 22:56:50
domm hates codesnippets in POD that don't work with strict
11.07.2012 12:19:25
note to self: DBIC_TRACE_PROFILE=console some_dbix_script.pl combined with $schema->storage->debug(1) yields colorful querys that can be pasted into your db console without any parameter fuzzying
26.06.2012 15:01:48
too fucking hot!
20.06.2012 15:08:45
domm just turned on Do-Not-Track in Firefox
22.05.2012 09:01:50
rip MCA :-(
06.05.2012 20:19:43
not sure if I like the new 'git --merge will shove an editor in your face' feature
02.05.2012 14:17:41
domm hasst biber, weil die bloeden viecher fast alle baeume bei meinem lieblingsdonauinselplatz gefaellt haben - wo soll ich jetzt meine haengematte aufhaengen?
30.04.2012 17:49:26
New York!
01.04.2012 12:45:44