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06.09.2011: My Perl-job-offer reply

Today I (and apparently a lot of other CPAN authors) got an email containing a job offer (slightly dubious, but that's not the point of this post). As I am currently not looking for work, and before realizing the SPAMness of the mail, I send them my standard (as of a few weeks ago) reply:

Thanks for the offer, but I'm currently already fully booked for the foreseeable future. But I forwarded your mail to Vienna.pm, our local Perl Mongers group.

If you're looking for Perl experts, you might also want to consider sponsoring a Perl event. Some events even host a job fair where potential employers can present themselves and the job(s) they offer. A good list of upcoming events is published here: http://yapceurope.org/

And / or post a job offer on http://jobs.perl.org . This site is the first stop for experienced Perl developers looking for a job.

I think it makes a lot of sense to alert potential employers of the possibility to sponsor a Perl event (YAPC, workshop, hackathon, ..) as a means to get potential employees. And it's quite astounding how many companies still don't know about http://jobs.perl.org.

If you're also getting Perl job offers that you're not inclined to take, maybe consider sending a similar reply - who knows, you may have found a nice new sponsor for an upcoming Perl event...

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