The rally season is on

This weekend was the first nice, warm and sunny weekend in Vienna, which prompted a lot of people to take out their bikes and ride through the city. Which is all very nice, because bikes are so much nicer than cars. BUT

Vienna has reasonable amount of cycle paths. Unfortunately most of them are narrow and located on the pavement. It is also law that you must use a cycle path if there is one (a lot of cycle groups protest against this law, even though I doubt it's ever executed..)

So, if you combine this two facts, and take into consideration that I'm one of those guys who rides his bike all year long (yes, even if there's snow, ice and negative degrees, or even worse: rain - but there is no bad weather, only bad equipment) and that I like to ride fast, this is what I mean with the rally season.

Gone are the days where you had the cycle path all to yourself (and the snowstorm). Now you have to wiggle through people who cannot ride a bike in straight line, have now knowledge of basic traffic rules, are slow as hell, and generally totally annoying. And then there are the tourists...

So, my trip to my vinyl store of choice is now an adrenalin filled race avoiding being run over by cars, avoiding running over pedestrians on the cycle path, and manoeuvreing around geriatric cyclists. Fun!

Anyway, I really do not like this bit of my personality, because I know that I'd hate myself if I would be driving a car like I'm riding my bike. Luckily I don't have a driving license...

So if you ever ride a bike in Vienna, please ride on the right hand side of the cycle path, drive in a straight line, don't talk on your mobile, give hand signals before turning, switch to a low gear before stopping at a red light, do stop at red lights and respect the pedestrians (at least those that respect you - it's perfectly ok to shout at tourists walking on the cycle path and/or drive past them really tight and fast.)