My submission to the Second Bi-Annual Cock-Off

Bike Snob NYC is currently hosting the Second Bi-Annual Cock-Off to find the craziest bicycle cockpit. So obviously I submitted the Sodarad, and it even got featured on today's post. YAY!

Here's my full submission:

Hey Bike Snob!

Here's a picture of, well, not really my cockpit, but a cockpit
extension I use from time to time (mostly during Critical Mass...)
So I'm not sure if it's a valid submission, but what the hell.

From left to right it features:
- a bag of straws
- an isolated container for crushed ice
- a dispenser to dispense fruity syrups
- a container for plastic cups (where all the mixing takes place)
- a plastic spoon so I don't have to get my fingers too dirty
- a bar mixer, containing other fruity syrups
- a box (usually) containing some decorations like sliced lemons (but in
this picture a whole, unsliced lemon due to laziness while taking the

I use the whole setup to prepare non-alcoholic cocktails while riding
the bike (and alcoholic cocktails afterwards...). Which is fun, even
though I'm aware of all the smugness. But at least I didn't put it on