Broken handlebar

Yesterday evening, after shopping for food, when I wanted to start ride home, my handlebar broke. Luckily I was just mounting the bike and leaning on the handlebar, when it sort of gave way to my weight0. The handlebar didn't just snap in half, mostly because it was held together by my handlebar pannier mount1.

I had a slow and wobbly ride home (only 1.5km) through quite heavy rain2.

So today first thing in the morning I disassembled the broken bar and installed a new one. Thanks to BuKr for handing me over a big bag full of old bike parts a few weeks ago, I had a fitting (but old and not-very-shiny) handlebar in my workshop, so after ~15min of work my bike is usable again. Yay!


0 subtle hint to loose some weight?

1 Though I mostly use this mount for the Sodarad bar.

2 Of course I decided to NOT take my rain gear with me this morning...