Ugly bike

I have just bought the most ugliest bike I've ever owned (and probably ever will own):

It was 40$ at a local Goodwill thrift store, it's 24" so I nearly look like a circus bear riding a small bike (but not as dorky as a lycra-clad person riding a folding bike). The only had another, even worse 24" bike, and I didn't want to spend a lot of time to hunt for a bike I'm only going to use for three weeks. The brakes work, the gearing works, the suspension fork is annoying (which suspension fork are per definition), it's laterally stiff and vertically compliant and takes me from my airbnb home to my incubator office, to Yoga, to the supermarket and to the Caltrain station. A perfect Silicon Valley bike...

24" is the new 29" !