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My personal twitter. Via an irssi plugin I can post messages directly from IRC to this microblog, without having to rely on shady startups that get too much attention. I'm a hacker, I roll my own.

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Wien->Innsbruck by bike day 4: Soell->Innsbruck, 81.4km, 3:39 - mostly flat (avg 22.3km/h) but 1h heavy rain was a bit annoying
01.09.2016 14:00:00
Wien->Innsbruck by bike day 3: Salzburg->Soell, 111km, 6:36 - very mountainous, so slow avg speed: 16.8km/h
31.08.2016 19:00:00
Wien->Innsbruck by bike day 2: Schwanenstadt->Salzburg, 101km, 5:04
30.08.2016 17:01:27
Wien->Innsbruck by bike day 1: Amstetten->Schwanenstadt, 136km, 7:10
29.08.2016 19:43:51
"Ember.js is a JavaScript web framework that specializes in quickly rendering todo lists." :-) # https://medium.com/friendship-dot-js/i-peeked-into-my-node-modules-directory-and-you-wont-believe-what-happened-next-b89f63d21558
13.08.2016 12:24:12
even nicer than deleting code: deleting hosts (after merging some old systems into a new one)
08.08.2016 15:15:27
mutt> :set edit_headers=yes # great for sending emails with funky From-addresses (for testing, not spam!)
03.08.2016 17:36:28
rsync lots of files with progress indicator: rsync -a --info=progress2 jobs new_laptop:~/
28.07.2016 12:02:11
one ticket closed, three opened # sisyphus
29.06.2016 17:06:52
mv domm entlastungsgerinne
24.06.2016 14:46:09