• Current achievement: replaced three nested for loops and one expensive method call with a simple Common Table Expression. PostgreSQL++
    2018-08-28 15:30
  • things I never wanted to learn #230: Postgres point-based earth distance returns the distance in 'statute miles' (i.e. a 'U.S. survey mile', not the English statute mile of 1593 (which consists of 'eight Furlongs, every Furlong forty Poles and every Pole shall contain sixteen Foot and an half') - why not use metric? https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/earthdistance.html
    2018-06-15 12:25
  • Today I finally removed disqus from https://domm.plix.at and replaced it with my half-finished, read-only (for now) self-hosted solution (which will be the topic of my #TEPC18 talk)
    2018-05-24 22:15
  • Coding to pre90ies Beastie Boys is very hard between all the dancing, headbanging and remembering a shockingly large percentage of the lyrics - will have to switch to boring music to get some work done .. but I guess work can wait a bit!
    2018-05-03 12:56
  • things I never wanted to learn #229: Postgres supports Infinity on floats, but not on ints (which makes no sense from a mathematical point of view, but unfortunately does make sense from a database point of view
    2018-04-30 11:37
  • Thanks to the very loud Wien-Marathon-Helis it took me 10 minutes to figure out that I'm not listening to 'Sunny Side Up', but to 'FM4 läuft'. Grr...
    2018-04-22 09:11
  • I just deleted 176 testacounts linked to my email; now expecting much less self-spam!
    2018-03-02 14:48
  • git mining: when committing, try to find a nonce to be included with the commit so that the SHA-1 checksums of all commits are a continuous stream of ever-increasing hex numbers.
    2018-01-23 14:32
  • leicht aus dem Kontext gerissen, aber trotzdem: "[Bitcoin] represents a cryptographic proof of wasted CPU cycles" https://lcamtuf.blogspot.co.at/2017/12/the-deal-with-bitcoin.html :-)
    2017-12-15 11:48
  • overheard at office: "is it beta or better?"
    2017-12-06 10:34
  • That was easy: http*s*://domm.plix.at # LetsEncrypt++
    2017-07-14 14:18
  • Rather than getting confused by the meaning of the words which you might assume, try to get confused by the mathematically correct definition of a Elliptic Curve: its a smooth, projective algebraic curve of genus one and third degree with a distinct point O (at infinity). https://www.johannes-bauer.com/compsci/ecc/
    2017-07-10 11:07
  • "The one thing all three frameworks have in common is overly simplistic examples and generally poor documentation of how to route in the real world." :-) https://github.com/stickfigure/blog/wiki/Opinionated-Comparison-of-React%2C-Angular2%2C-and-Aurelia
    2017-04-07 11:05
  • Current status: fixing encoding issues in a piece of code written in 2001 by a guy who died 4 years ago
    2017-03-29 00:45
  • writing tests takes ages, but is still more fun than hunting bugs, which takes ages^2
    2017-01-31 12:26
  • changing ~30 repos to depend on JSON::MaybeXS instead of JSON::XS via a script & very curious how the next deployments will go...
    2017-01-19 09:02
  • "reason about" is the new "orthogonal"
    2016-11-16 19:45
  • Hard to believe, but 2016 got even worse. RIP Leonard Cohen...
    2016-11-11 08:08
  • The year of the ἰδιώτης
    2016-11-09 09:32
  • Fuck cancer https://twitter.com/hintjens/status/783254242052206592
    2016-10-04 16:54
  • Wien->Innsbruck by bike day 4: Soell->Innsbruck, 81.4km, 3:39 - mostly flat (avg 22.3km/h) but 1h heavy rain was a bit annoying
    2016-09-01 14:00
  • Wien->Innsbruck by bike day 3: Salzburg->Soell, 111km, 6:36 - very mountainous, so slow avg speed: 16.8km/h
    2016-08-31 19:00
  • Wien->Innsbruck by bike day 2: Schwanenstadt->Salzburg, 101km, 5:04
    2016-08-30 17:01
  • Wien->Innsbruck by bike day 1: Amstetten->Schwanenstadt, 136km, 7:10
    2016-08-29 19:43
  • "Ember.js is a JavaScript web framework that specializes in quickly rendering todo lists." :-) # https://medium.com/friendship-dot-js/i-peeked-into-my-node-modules-directory-and-you-wont-believe-what-happened-next-b89f63d21558
    2016-08-13 12:24
  • even nicer than deleting code: deleting hosts (after merging some old systems into a new one)
    2016-08-08 15:15
  • mutt> :set edit_headers=yes # great for sending emails with funky From-addresses (for testing, not spam!)
    2016-08-03 17:36
  • rsync lots of files with progress indicator: rsync -a --info=progress2 jobs new_laptop:~/
    2016-07-28 12:02
  • one ticket closed, three opened # sisyphus
    2016-06-29 17:06
  • mv domm entlastungsgerinne
    2016-06-24 14:46