• Corona-Vax-Level: 4
    2022-09-18 12:10
  • This looks very interesting: https://github.com/jonasbn/ebirah - pack Dist::Zilla into a docker container #Perl
    2022-09-07 08:25
  • I suffer from latitude/longitude dyslexia.
    2022-08-10 10:18
  • Wasted another 2h of my life with encoding issues, in the end the culprit was that Template::Toolkit INSERT behaves differently than PROCESS. I should really check out that potato farmer job again..
    2022-08-05 13:28
  • "Seriously, imagine if 20 years later the authors of Winnie the Pooh came back with a trilogy of books about how Piglet and Rooh were dragged into a world-ending contest of good versus evil that gave them PTSD and then they got on a boat to heaven-America with a bunch of heffalumps. That’s how LOTR feels to me." - https://featherlessbipeds.substack.com/p/why-didnt-gandalf-own-a-colt-45
    2022-06-28 12:29
  • My stupid OS only comes with git 2.25, so my `git start` alias now looks like this: start = !git init && git commit --allow-empty -m \"Initial commit\" && git branch -M main which lets me use `main` as the default branch name
    2022-06-17 09:57
  • "Everyone has a test environment, not everyone is lucky enough to have a separate production environment." - https://github.com/DavidBrightSparc/Tenets-of-IT
    2022-05-31 11:48
  • Perl 5.36 released, lot's of nice new features: https://metacpan.org/release/RJBS/perl-5.36.0/view/pod/perldelta.pod
    2022-05-28 11:30
  • That's a very weird claim for a mouse: "SCROLL 1,000 LINES PER SECOND" - https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/mice/mx-master-3s.910-006557.html
    2022-05-24 15:02
  • Nice: I finally managed to set up gmail via offlineimap/mutt/smtp, so I'll never have to user their ugly webmail again!
    2022-05-18 13:43
  • Listening to "Let us play" (Coldcut) again for the first time in years - what a great album!
    2022-05-02 12:32
  • Rechtsstaat & Anti-Korruptionsvolksbegehren: https://antikorruptionsbegehren.at/ - diese Woche unterschreiben, geht ganz easy mit Handysignatur
    2022-05-02 07:42
  • Yes, it does! Yay #Perl (and #SQLite, #git and the rest of the stack...)
    2022-05-01 20:09
  • And now let's see if my microblog wrapper also forwards to Mastodon...
    2022-05-01 20:07
  • nice: EU sets up mastodon server: https://social.network.europa.eu/about
    2022-04-29 10:06
  • Bin mit der Proletenpassion aufgewachen, Ostbahn hab ich eher ausgelassen, aber in Kombi mit zB Molden habe ich ihn die letzten paar Jahre gerne und oft gehört. RIP Willi...
    2022-04-24 19:18
  • I like it how broccoli gets greener when you blanch it.
    2022-04-05 16:29
  • Another idea to represent 🐪 and 🦋 in acronyms like "GPW" (German Perl/Raku Workshop) is to interpret the letter "P" as a superposition of the Latin/Greek/Cyrllic letter P/Ρ/Р :-)
    2022-04-01 13:44
  • https://www.siepomaga.pl/russian-bear
    2022-03-25 13:29
  • "I'm old enough to remember when the Internet wasn't a group of five websites, each consisting of screenshots of text from the other four." - https://twitter.com/tveastman/status/1069674780826071040 (via Cory Doctorow)
    2022-01-31 21:35
  • boosted to anti-covid-level 3
    2021-11-20 15:57
  • Warum bekomme ich Spam, dass "Österreichische Mädchen sich kennenlernen wollen"? Entweder haben die Spammer einen Grammatikfehler oder eine schlechte Zielgruppenauswahl..
    2021-11-04 14:30
  • Hab gerade in einem Standup dieses Fritz Grünbaum Zitat gelernt: "Man kann, wenn sie Bericht erstatten, genau wer sie besticht, erraten."
    2021-10-14 07:50
  • https://microship.com/winnebiko/ # Computing Across America (1983-1985)
    2021-08-02 13:13
  • Very much never expected to hear *that* song in an international TV show (at the end of Ted Lasso s02e01)
    2021-07-24 17:21
  • http://www.eusprig.org/horror-stories.htm
    2021-07-23 14:59
  • "Du bist nicht übermäßig schön und nicht exorbitant gscheit" - Anna Mabo, "Der Bär"
    2021-07-23 08:30
  • $vaccinated++
    2021-07-21 06:42
  • First day at the office desktop after ~9 months: I have to do a lot of `git pull` here and sync-stuff there
    2021-06-24 08:36
  • Yesterday I improved the performance of an SQL query by a few 100% by adding several gin_trgm_ops indices to some jsonb. PostgreSQL++
    2021-06-18 07:13