• I had a Dijkstra lying around from last year day 15, so I used that for #AdventOfCode day 12. Which worked like a charm for the first part, and also for part two (but slow, so I guess there's a smarter solution) https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/12_1.pl
    2022-12-12 12:53
  • #AdventOfCode day 11 was fun. I wrote a simple parser on a 20min train ride, explaining it to JoHo. The monkey-throwing was done on the the train ride back (the first time I got a * while on the train!). The second part seemd easy, but the code was a tiny bit slow. Using Math::BigInt helped a little (up to 1000), then I read reddit which was (once again) full of modulo). Bit it was bedtime, so I went to bed, and after a few minutes I saw the solution, which then took 1 min to code: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/11_2.pl
    2022-12-11 23:09
  • The first part of #AdventOfCode day 10 took me quite some time (seems my brain is not working well in the gaps between CPU cycles), but rendering the second part was then nice and easy https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/10_2.pl
    2022-12-10 16:04
  • Did day 9 part 1 of #AdventOfCode in my trademarked stupid/simple way, but don't have time for part 2 (work..), maybe later. Or maybe I've reached my yearly time limit, we'll see - https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/09_1.pl
    2022-12-09 10:12
  • For the first part of #AdventOfCode I did a very stupid solution, second part has very little overlap with the first one, so I did a nice solution (also, much later) https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/08_2.pl
    2022-12-08 18:16
  • Today's the weirdest catholic holiday: We get a day off because the greatparents of a certain carpenter had unprotected sex.
    2022-12-08 10:36
  • Today I binned my first try to solve #AdventOfCode (hacked on while waiting at the doctors), the second version was than simple enough. After finishing part 2 I realized (after talking with SaHo) that my code was still too complex, so here's the cleaner vrsion: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/07_2.pl (that can for sure be done even shorter and stil be clean)
    2022-12-07 12:31
  • #AdventOfCode Day 6 felt event easier than day 5: No input parsing, just a tiny bit of `substr`, and the diff between part 1 and 2 is 1 character :-) https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/06_1.pl
    2022-12-06 07:29
  • For #AdventOfCode Day 5 it took me a few minutes to parse the crate setup (convert each line into am array of characters, use array slice to get 1, 5, 9, i.e. Z, M, P) the rest was very simple array manipulation. Part 2 took me less than 2 minutes. https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/05_1.pl
    2022-12-05 10:15
  • #AdventOfCode day 4: Still very easy in #Perl, first part just checking min/max, for the second part I was too lazy to think of the proper if/or/min/max combis so I just ticked of the contents of the ranges and count a hit if a section was already seen: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/04_2.pl Abigal has the smart solution here: https://www.reddit.com/r/adventofcode/comments/zc0zta/comment/iyv2bvt/
    2022-12-04 11:59
  • For #AdventOfCode day 3 a very easy solution immedatily formed in my mind, but typing it in #Perl out took a bit longer (~10min). And I still need to find a smarter way to read `<>` and remove the newline... https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/03_2.pl
    2022-12-03 13:38
  • For #AdventOfCode day 2 I just manually precalulated the values for the 9 combinations into a lookup table and then went through the input to calc the sums: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/02_2.pl
    2022-12-02 08:43
  • Achievement of the day: Reduced size of a docker container from 1.6GB to 258MB
    2022-12-01 17:28
  • Day 1 of #AdventOfCode was (expectably) easy enough to do right before the #Koha D-A-CH Usergroup meeting: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/tree/main/2022
    2022-12-01 09:10
  • Currently working on a script to import/migrate a bunch of weird data into an old application of ours, which feels a lot like #AdventOfCode (at about day 10)
    2022-11-29 11:32
  • It seems that my workload in December will be so high that I won't be able to participate in https://adventofcode.com/ :-( Still looking forward to it, and maybe I'll have some time next year.
    2022-11-25 13:08
  • More annoying / hateful than smart: https://garrit.xyz/posts/2022-11-24-smart-move-google Oh, and I've checked this in a private session using Firefox, I did not get the share-location dialog at all
    2022-11-24 12:19
  • TIL: English speakers originally proposed CUT (for "coordinated universal time"), while French speakers proposed TUC (for "temps universel coordonné"). The compromise that emerged was UTC.
    2022-11-23 12:50
  • Implemented a few minor changes to how my blog is built: I can now have RSS feeds per tag, and only write the most recent file (and parents and siblings). Both was very easy to add :-)
    2022-11-11 21:23
  • Wow, just discovered by accident that gitlab will not only render OpenAPI Spec files nicely, but also provide a nice mini-app including auth and sending test reqs to whatever servers are defined in the spec.
    2022-11-07 14:54
  • Ouch: https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/internet-5
    2022-11-06 20:39
  • Ugh, who came up with this: A field "catgeory" which can include multiple catgegories as one big string, separated by comma; Categories can include commas; so we have easily parsable crap like "Advent und Weihnacht, Blas, Country, Volks- und Weltmusik, Chor, Gospel und Kirchenmusik"
    2022-11-04 13:23
  • TIL: City of Vienna uses "Gauß-Krüger M 34 MGI Austria GK East" aka EPSG 31256 for their geo data: https://digitales.wien.gv.at/open-data/geowebservices/#koordinatensysteme
    2022-11-03 15:16
  • I had a very nice Berlin.pm #Perl meeting yesterday evening (after #pgconfeu) at a cosy Biergarten with an amazing chestnut tree, good food and a slightly strange combination of drinks (Fassbrause because Berlin, Amldudler because I never had it in Germany). Lots of nice chats with old and new friends, discovered that "https://metacpan.org/author/ANDK":ANDK is a big fan of oe1.orf.at, learned about f4map.com and an interesting Critical Mass app (and that there will be a ride today), and finally had a nice bike ride home, escorted by ANDK and sorry-forgot-your-name.
    2022-10-28 08:24
  • My new varifocal glasses (yes, I'm that old) don't work well with the setup in the smaller rooms at #pgconfeu (flat floor and low hanging monitors) because I have to tilt my head to see above the heads in front of me, which results in me viewing through the "near" zone of the multifocals, which makes the slides (which are not near..) hard to read.
    2022-10-27 12:47
  • Currently in Berlin for Postgres Conf EU with lots of attendees (600!) and very few masks...
    2022-10-27 11:46
  • Corona-Vax-Level: 4
    2022-09-18 12:10
  • This looks very interesting: https://github.com/jonasbn/ebirah - pack Dist::Zilla into a docker container #Perl
    2022-09-07 08:25
  • I suffer from latitude/longitude dyslexia.
    2022-08-10 10:18
  • Wasted another 2h of my life with encoding issues, in the end the culprit was that Template::Toolkit INSERT behaves differently than PROCESS. I should really check out that potato farmer job again..
    2022-08-05 13:28