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01.06.2012: App-ArchiveDevelCover 1.001

I finally pushed the new version 1.001 of App::ArchiveDevelCover to CPAN. This version includes one new feature (and hopefully better working tests):

You can now view a 'diff' between the current and previous coverage report, which makes it easier to figure out where you coverage improved (for that nice fuzzy feeling in your stomach) - or where it got worse, so you know where to improve your test suite.

The screenshot shows that on module (IndexContent.pm) got better coverage, while another one (ScheduleNewsletterLetsFamily.pm) got worse (because I added code, but no tests).

I guess the next logical step would be to show two different detailed coverage reports (per file) next to each other, but I fear that I'll need to actually look into the cover-database instead of just munging some HTML...

Comments (via senph)

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