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I'm currently sitting in a train back to Vienna (via Salzburg), having spend the last three days in Frankfurt at YAPC::Europe 2012. The seats in the train are only moderately more comfortable than the bike seat I set on while cycling to Frankfurt with Maros.

The conference was again wonderful, interesting & fun. The main annoyance was the HOT weather, but I'm afraid I cannot blame Frankfurt.pm for this. I did one talk, Logging Hell, and a rather bad lightning talk, introducing Bicycle.pm (Maros and me planned on during the talk together, but the he got ill, and I got notified at the start of the lighting talk session that we (or rather I) can do the talk). Anyways:

Things I learned at YAPC::Europe 2012 in Frankfurt, in no particular order:

A lot of thanks to the organizers, speakers, sponsors & attendees, who all together made this wonderful conference happen!

I'm already looking forward to next year's YAPC::Europe in Kiev!

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09.08.2012: Blio - my blogging "engine"