Which tag to use for YAPCs?

Yesterday night I missed a IRC conversation on #yapc between Getty and Smylers about which social media tags to use for YAPC::Europe etc (thanks to irssi & screen I could still find it in my backlog).

The main question was whether #ye2013 or #yapceu is the better tag. Getty argued for a combination of the tag #ye2013 and the user @yapceu, while Smylers preferred a general tag #yapceu. I tend to like one tag (i.e. #yapceu) better than distinct tags for each years conference. For the same reason I'd prefer if the website of each YAPC would use the same domain name (eg act.yapc.eu), instead of setting up a new domain for each year (thus losing google-page-rank etc).

Of course, #yapceu has the problem of sounding like YAPC::EU, but it's YAPC::Europe, covering the whole of Europe, not just the political entity EU. #yapceurope is rather long. Than we have #yapcna, which might not be clear enough to convey YAPC::NorthAmerica?

I think setting up some kind of voting process on this defies the concept of user generated content / tags, but some standard would be a good for marketing. What do you think? Can we decide on one tag to use for future YAPCs? Do you prefer one tag for all events (per big geographic area), or a tag per year? Which tag?