September 2012 Techmeet

Tonight we had a small Techmeet at Metalab. Happybarney talked about his module SQL::Admin (CPAN).

SQL::Admin aims to be another SQL change management system. But this module tries to write SQL parsers (using Marpa) so one can not only compare two different schemata, but automatically generate sql scripts that change one schema to the other. Sounds interesting, but writing parsers and grammars for all the different SQL dialects (and different versions of each dialect!) sounds like a huge task.

After the short presentation and some discussions we went for some sushi and more discussions. A nice meeting, looking forward to next month (2nd October) where I was shanghaied by Daxim to present DBIx::SchemaChecksum. I started to modernize it on the train journey back from Frankfurt / YAPC::Europe, but it still needs some work, so having a presentation deadline will provide some motivation to actually finish it (CDD ++)

Oh, and we also decided to do the next Austrian Perl Workshop on 9th and 10th November. It's not going to be a Twin City Perl Workshop together with, as there aren't any people interested in organizing the Bratislava part. An ACT instance will be set up soon!