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11.09.2012: Some new Blio features

In the last weeks I've added a few features to Blio. As Blio is still lacking documentation and a website, I'm just going to list them here:

Config File

The Blio build script comes with several command line options (powered by MooseX::Getopt). Remembering the right values for the options became cumbersome (and relying on bash_history too fragile and not very portable between different machines). So I implemented a simple config file.

"Implemented" is a slight exaggeration, as all I did was applying MooseX::SimpleConfig. It's a wonderful module that allows you to fill your command line options with values from a config file. Worked like a charm!


I've heard that this thing called "Tags" are all the rage on the internet. (It only took ten years or so... :-). I wanted to have tags on my blog. Adding them was easy. Each source file of a blog post has a header, like this:

title: Some new Blio features
date: 2012-09-11T21:03:53+02
language: en
converter: textile

I just added a new header filed (surprisingly named tags) and sprinkled some magic code over the whole thing, and - BAM : we have tags

Here's the header with tags:

title: Some new Blio features
date: 2012-09-11T21:03:53+02
language: en
converter: textile
tags: Blio

Inline Images

For a recent bicycle blog post on my route to our local IKEA (here but it's in German) I needed the images "inlined" inside the content, as opposed to just listed on the right sidebar.

I solved that by replacing some html-like tokens (&lt<blioimg:filename.jpg>) with the proper path of the references image. This made a image_by_name method necessary, which accounts for 9 lines of code.

Fixed Bugs in Atom Feed

I wondered why my posts did not show up on the Planet Perl Iron Man. After some help from the nice denizens of #epo-ironman I managed to fix my broken Atom feeds. Certain members of Vienna.pm claim that they are still broken. As usual, they are right, and I'm too lazy to fix it (for now).

Still missing

Docs. A Website. Reasons why you should care / use yet another blogging "engine"

Tags: Blio

Comments (via senph)

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