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11.10.2013: Austrian Perl Workshop 2013 - Call for everything

The Austrian Perl Workshop 2013 will take place on the 2nd and 3rd of November in Salzburg. We'll have a day of talks on Saturday, and a Hackathon on Sunday.

The attendance is €25 for the regular tariff, €75 for the business train, and €5 for students. Register soon, as we're limited to 30 seats!

We are still looking for speakers, so please do not hesitate to submit a talk until 27th Oct 2013. We're also looking for sponsors!

Read all about it here: http://act.useperl.at/apw2013

P.S.: Attendees will get a very nice and very limited conference T-Shirt featuring the world's first MOPfuscation (that we know of)

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