Going to Silicon Valley

Validad.com, the company I'm currently working for most of the time, has been invited to send two people to the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale to work on / promote a project we're currently developing. We decided to split up our attendance, so I'll be going to Silicon Valley from 29th Sep to 21st Oct. Yay!

There's going to be at least one Silicon Valley Perl meetup I'll be attending, but we're already talking about doing another one (where I'll do a talk on either Bread::Board, ZeroMQ, or both). I also plan to visit SF.pm.

I haven't fund a place to stay yet, though there are plenty of options via
Airbnb etc. But I'd rather stay at a local Perl hacker who has a spare room, so
if you know anybody in Sunnyvale (or near there) who might want to host me, please give me a
hint. (I don't smoke, I cook and I cycle; and while I won't object to a free place, I have a budget...)

The only downside to my journey is that I'm going to miss the Austrian Perl Workshop in Salzburg, which is looking more awesome every day (Larry Wall! Perl(6) hackathon! Talks!)