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27.05.2018: Syncing data using advanced SQL
08.04.2018: Things I learned at the German Perl Workshop 2018

Being back in Vienna and having caught up one some (a lot) missed sleep, I can finally clean up my notes of the 20th(!) German Perl Workshop in Gummersbach from 4th to 6th April 2018.

I did one regular talk, Frameworkless Async API, and also an improv performance about Moose based on davorg's great slide set to replace a canceled Moose intro talk.

I submitted one pull request to Map::Tube::Vienna, inspired by Mohammad's talk.

Some discussions

TPF / Grants

Makoto Nozaki, TPF secretary, came from New York and we talked about how to make the TPF grants program work better. Various people provided various ideas, my conclusion was that we should explicitly ask people; and/or advertise grants we'd love to see.

Beginner friendly conference

We again tried to come up with various ideas on how to make conferences more interesting to beginners. I still think a "From Zero to Perl" half day intro track would be easy to implement and very helpful.0

Maybe we could combine this with the TPF grants issue and have some grantee come up with some curriculum, figure out if we already have some publicly available slides, and produce slide sets for missing topics?

Things I learned

Favorite question, after 8 ways to do concurrency and parallelism in Perl 6


Another very nice German Perl Workshop!

Thanks to the orgas, the speakers, the attendees and of course the sponsors!


0 I found it very easy to do the improv talk on Moose using davorg's slides. If you're halfway competent with some subset of Perl, not totally shy, and get decent material, doing an half-hour presentation on some beginner topic is really easy. At least for me.

1 My train from Vienna to Köln was late and I only had 2 minutes to switch trains (in fact, I only got the local train because it was also late), so there was no time to buy the ticket in the railway station. There was no ticket machine on the train. And I could not buy the ticket on the Austrian railway website. I might have been able to buy it on the German railway website, but I only though about that when I was on my way.

2 Because now the letters are neatly sorted...

3 Here's how to do it:

curl http://gitpan.integra.net/backpan-index.gz | gzip -d > backpan
grep Pixie backpan

3 If the TV is still warm even though the kid is in bed sleeping (or pretending), the kid might have watched TV even though it shouldn't have.


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