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At the European Perl Conference 2018 in Glasgow we had a BoF.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birds_of_a_feather about organizing Perl conferences and events. I set it up because in the last two years (2018 and 2019) we did not get any proposals to host the conference from the community (and luckily were saved by crazy people who agreed to host the conference if nobody should apply).

I prepared a few topics to discuss. Salve had some similar ideas so we joined forces.

I also took notes during the meeting, which I dump here until we can move them to some better-suited collaboration tool for further processing. Of course you welcome to add some comments (using all the tech I presented). I've also added some notes from the hallway track & a short meeting with Rene and Gregor on Friday night

Professionalize the orgas

Money / sponsors

Tap existing resources / pool knowledge

The conference


If you are interested in helping us making the European Perl Conferences even more awesome, please contact me at domm@plix.at or add you thoughs in the comments section below.

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