The European Perl Conference 2018 in Glasgow

This year I did not manage (was not in the mood) to take notes during to conference, so this is not my traditional "Things I learned ..." post. I hope you like it anyway...

So, Glasgow...

It was a great conference at an amazing venue, which was even topped by the attendees dinner location. I ate one deep fried Mars bar and countless cookies. I met a lot of old friends, and made a few new ones.

There were plenty of talks showing that Perl is a battle-tested, powerful language used everywhere for everything. We also had a lot of talks not directly related to Perl (on topics like git, docker, other languages, accessibility, inclusiveness, databases, ..), showing that we as a community are still open-minded and ready to steal^w integrate useful ideas from other "tribes".

But my main takeaway was provided by the wonderful Gloria Wall when she said that she is looking forward to the day when the queue at the female toilet is as long as the one at the male toilet during a tech conference. It's a pity that we're not there yet, but we'll make it happen!

A lot of other interesting things were said, you can find a lot of them on twitter tagged with #TPCiG. Or view the video capture of the live stream (which will be split into shorter videos as soon as the dust has settled...)

My talks

Thanks to the orgas, the speakers, the attendees, and of course the sponsors!

See you all next year in Riga!