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10.03.2019: German Perl Workshop 2019 in Munich
28.01.2019: Vienna.pm TechMeet

Tonight we had our first TechMeet of 2019. There was a slight focus on parsing: Daxim talked about "Parsen mit Perl", in preparation for his talk at the German Perl Workshop. Robert also talked about parsing, showing us some parsers he wrote using Parse::Yapp and Parse::RecDescent. Throughout the talks we had interesting discussions about parsing, lexing, grammars, syntax, semantics etc. Quote of the day (by Daxim): "At the end you don't get a parse-tree, but a parse-forest"0

I also did a β-version of a talk I will do at the German Perl Workshop, Was ich beim Advent of Code 2018 gelernt habe ("Things I learned at the Advent of Code 2018"). The slides are not done (enough) yet, I'll release them at the German Perl Workshop. But people seemed to have enjoyed it...

I also (finally) ran our script to calculate meeting dates, with the following results:

We (well, Daxim and me) discussed some "Verein" interna (Generalversammlung) and made plans for a slightly bigger event in November (not an Austrian Perl Workshop...)

And that was this month's meeting!


0 See here for the source of this quote (via daxim/IRC)

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