A very late German Perl Workshop 2020 report

"A long time ago, in a venue far, far away"0 we met for the German Perl Workshop 2020 in Erlangen.

Besides the usual benefits of meeting old and new friends (face to face!) and talking about Perl, computers and lots of other stuff, the workshop also features a lot of interesting talks and very professional video recording setup. So if you're currently stuck at home you can watch the recordings of the talks.

Some of my favorite talks were:

  • Datenlogger für die Wissenschaft, mit Perl by Hauke Dämpfling, where he talks about using Perl to collect environmental data using Raspis and Perl
  • Mein privates Wetter by Max Maischein about setting up a private, offline WebApp on his mobile phone
  • OO in the COR by Ovid on the current effort to get some nice, modern OO into the Perl core. This talk was done remotely due to Corona, which felt novel back then :-/

I also liked the badge with the "Ask me about.." blank space. You can see my artistic rendering to the right,,,

Speaking of artistic renderings, another highlight were the sketch notes done by Wolfgang Kinkeldei, for example this one of my white label talk.

Some random quotes from my notes

  • "reguläre Kraftausdrücke"
  • Raku: like Lisp, but with syntax
  • I'm getting dizzy from liz slides animations
  • I don't think what I think I should think when I hear "BagHash" :-)
  • Rational Fiction: Fiction where (authors let) characters solve problems by rational behavior instead of depending on deus ex machine etc.
  • DateTimeX::Immutable
  • cor is going to inherit from a different UNIVERSAL class. We finally have parallel universes!
  • Tabs vs spaces: Tabs are more accessible; jorol nearly had all of us switching to tabs, but then spoiled it by presenting a (tongue-in-cheek) graph proving that coders using spaces make more money.
  • "Full stack? I prefer empty queues." - no idea who said this..
  • Ontologies are like underwear: everybody prefers their own - jorol on Linked Open Data

My talks

I did a talk on white labeling strategies and hosted a discussion on Perl Intro Curriculum. For the latter I also set up a github group https://github.com/Perl-Intro-Talks/Perl-Intro-Talks, and planned to work on it in the last weeks, but the whole Corona shutdown and following remote work setup took all my time. I do still plan to work on this issue!


Thanks to the orgas, sponsors, speakers and attendees we had another nice Perl Workshop. The next one will take place in Leipzig on 24th to 2th. March 2021. Looking forward to it!


0 At least it feels this way after two weeks of Corona lock down...