Perl Virtual Events?

As you probably all know, the Perl and Raku Conference in Amsterdam has been canceled.

As has been the Perl Conference in Houston.

On the upside, Todd Rinaldo have already started a Conference in the Cloud.

One idea was to run this "Conference in the Cloud" as a global event, hopefully spanning all time zones. If you want to help organizing this event, you should probably join the TPF slack group (though I have no idea how one can do this; maybe one needs an invitation?). Hopefully Todd can provide more information.

The call for papers is already open!

More Virtual Perl Events

Another idea some people are kicking around is to have some virtual Perl Monger meetups. I know that several local groups already had meetings via jitsi (or some other tools), but I think it would be great to embrace the current remote-work/video-conferencing flurry and host some none-geographic Perl Monger meetups. We could also use those meetups to install / test various infrastructure that will definitely be needed for a global remote conference.

Oh, and we can also think about running a remote Perl Toolchain Summit...

This post is intended as a short impulse to start discussing these issues, and hopefully we will form one (or several) groups that might tackle to organize some of these events (or others!)

I cross posted this to the (old) YEF venue list, because this list still has a lot of past/current/future(?) organizers subscribed. If you want to participate, please subscribe there! But we might also take the discussion (and the work!) somewhere else...

Of course you can also add your comments below or post them on your own blog or favorite tech discussion board.