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01.03.2020: YEF: shutdown -h

In the last twenty (or so) years, the YAPC::Europe Foundation was the group that "meta-organized" our yearly Perl conferences. But it stopped working a few years ago, and is now in the process of being finally shut down for good - or maybe it already has shut down?

One and a half years ago I tried to start a YEF reboot.

Today, I admit defeat: I will no longer try to start an European, community-based Perl conference organizers group.

Granted, I did not try too hard. I started a few discussions on the YEF mailing list (and invited a lot of people to join), and there were a lot of great ideas. But no action. Well, Harald Jörg and waterkip (and a few others) worked on Act, so there was some progress. But I don't see any new group forming, and I'm not that much interested in herding cats anymore..

This year's conference Perl & Raku Con in Amsterdam 2020 is organized by Samantha McVey and her team. So we can look forward to this event!

For the future of European Perl Conferences, I have no plan / no idea. Hopefully somebody will show up in Amsterdam and announce a conference for 2021. In the unlikely case that there are multiple proposals, maybe the attendees will want to vote again. Or we'll have two conferences... But whatever we'll do, it will happen (or not happen) because somebody does it. But this somebody will not be me :-)

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