Pod2Slides Update: single page talk slides

A common critique about slides to my talks is that they are rather annoying to read, because one has to page through the "presentation mode" by clicking next or hitting Enter a lot0.

Yesterday I started to change this, and tonight I added some finishing touches like responsive HTML/CSS and an external CSS file. My last three talks are now converted to the new layout, the older ones will follow soon.

You can get to the "single page" view by following the "All in one HTML"-Link. This page should also work ok-ish on small screen sizes (images are shrunk, and preformatted text (i.e. code samples) will auto-wrap on word boundaries). I've also fixed some weird HTML issues in the slideshow view, and generally updated the HTML and CSS to current (best?) practices.


For my first talk, which I did 20 year ago1, I wrote a small script to convert POD to some HTML slides fitting my needs. This script later became Pod2Slides, which I have been using and tweaking ever since.

One big benefit of using your own tool (as opposed to Powerpoint or similar) is that I can now just "recompile" my slides to an update format! I've added some nice2 and stupid3 features over the years and can very much recommend to (sometimes) reinvent the wheel!


0 Because I prefer to reveal each fact/sentence/piece of code as a go along. I don't like slides showing a lot of text and not changing for minutes. We're not using actual slides anymore!

1 Uff

2 eg include_and_run_code, which will include a code snippet into the slides, run the code, and include the output in the next slide.

3 Post each new subslide (i.e. each sentence) to an IRC bot, so people can "watch" via IRC. Today I removed that "feature"...