Acme::ReturnValues is back

Now with a nice and shiny (-ish) design and with lots of false-positive crap stashed away to "Bad return values". As you might have expected, the most common "cool" return value is 42.

A tiny bit more context can be found here.

Next: set up a cronjob (but before that, write out which dists have already been checked, so we only check new uploads)


Legacy comments

oneiron: Other weird things to liven up a CPAN distro (orignal post)

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware of it before and I'm a bit annoyed I didn't think of this when creating Acme::EyeDrops. :) You see, at the time, I did try to think of various little ways to liven up a CPAN distro, but, for A::E, only came up with:

  • Tarball user/group names of arthur/dent
  • When you run "perl Makefile.PL", a little Ascii Art camel is displayed
  • When you run "make test", the test names form a haiku, for light relief while you wait
jjore: Weird file names (orignal post)

You could have weird file names like

'touch '$\2f'|'

or <> (if it's invisible to you, left chevron, right chevron aka diamond).

I apparently uh... "planned ahead" by ending most of my modules in something pithy, usually copied from somewhere that made me laugh.