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09.08.2011: App::TimeTracker 2.008 released (finally!)

To prepare for one of my talks at the upcoming YAPC::Europe 2001 2011 in Riga I finally released a new version (2.008) of App::TimeTracker to CPAN.

It's also the first time I used Dist::Zilla and apparently I made (at least one) mistake, as my coverage db is included in the uploaded tarball. Too bad...

This version is a complete rewrite, but keeps the spirit of the old App::TimeTracker: make it easy to keep track of time you spend working on various projects and jobs (if you live on the command line, at least...). For more details come and visit my talk, which will also feature a walk-through of the internals, which use some interesting (or stupid?) meta-programming and method modifications.

The docs are still very sketchy, especially on how the various parts interact, how to set it up, etc. But: After TDD (Test Driven Development) and CTD (Conference Driven Development) I now declare a new trend: CDD or Conference Drive Documentation!

See you in Riga!

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