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Einige Reisen, die wir so gemacht haben, tw auch mit Fotos.

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15.04.2010: Vienna - Prague - Berlin by bicycle
01.02.2010: Feuerkogel die Xte
08.08.2009: Lisbon - YAPC::Europe 2009
28.02.2009: Scotland
31.01.2009: Feuerkogel again again
12.08.2008: Copenhagen - YAPC::Europe 2008
05.04.2008: Oslo

You can read about my trip to Oslo to the Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 in my use.perl blog.

Oh, one funny thing I didn't mention there: On Saturday morning, in some random hotel in Oslo, while chatting with various Perl people during breakfast, I was approached by Robert Barta, who is also a Perl developer from Vienna. He was in Oslo for a Topic Map conference. What a small world. (But the weirdest thing was when I met Eric, a Paris Perl Monger, on the plain from Moscow to Beijing...)

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22.02.2008: Brussels, Echt & Arnhem
09.02.2008: Feuerkogel again
15.07.2007: Mongolei & Peking
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