New York

Three weeks in New York!

We swapped apartments with a fellow Perl programmer from New York, who stayed in our flat in Vienna, while we enjoyed his apartment in Jackson Heights (Queens). Staying in a residential area (and such a nice one) was totally worth the 30min subway ride to Manhattan.

We did the usual touristy things (especially in the first week, were we also met up several times with friends from Vienna who also happened to be in New York for that week). But as we had lots of time we also did not-so-common things like walking around Flushing; spending an afternoon in Central Park trying to figure out the rules of baseball; shopping for plant seeds (chills!); looking through all the second hand T-shirts in lots of thrift shops; visiting all five boroughs; participating in a huge pillow fight with live piano music; taking a long walk on the Coney Island broad walk (after riding the Cyclone); visiting the corner where the cover of Paul's Boutique was shot; taking a couple of swings in a baseball cage (which was rather hard to find, and there were no outdoor ones)

I also met up with and spend a nice evening on somebodies rooftop terrace with a nice view over Manhattan.

And we did a holiday-from-the-holiday in Cape May. We went there by public transport (which was fun and interesting, and included a stop at Atlantic City, so we also got to see it (skipping the casinos..)). We stayed in the very nice Inn of Cape May, which was rather cheap, due to the off-off-season. And we've seen lots of Dolphins on a boat cruise. Nice! Oh, and I ate a deep fried spider (well, it looked like that, it was in fact a soft shell crab)

After Cape May I went to the DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop (for even more Perl)