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Einige Reisen, die wir so gemacht haben, tw auch mit Fotos.

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10.08.2019: Latvia
25.06.2019: Bike trip to Strasbourg (French Perl Workshop)
11.07.2018: Ein Monat durch China
29.08.2016: Fahrradtour Wien Innsbruck zum Alpine Perl Workshop
06.05.2015: Dresden - German Perl Workshop
22.10.2014: Silicon Valley
21.08.2014: Sofia - YAPC::Europe 2014
21.07.2014: London und Cornwall
01.02.2014: Snowboarden Haus im Ennstal
11.08.2013: Kiev - YAPC::Europe 2013

YAPC::Europe 2013 happened in Kiev, so I had to be there. The journey itself was as pleasant as a journey by plane can be, and you can find a (Perl-centric, but not only) report of my 5 days in Kiev here

As I was traveling with hand-luggage only I didn't bring my camera, so no pictures...

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