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A bike trip from Feldkirch via Zürich (where I visited a friend and ex-co-worker at google and attended a Swiss Perl Monger meetup) and, along the Rhein, to Basel and Strasbourg, for the French Perl Workshop and some Act hacking. I covered 5 countries (AT, FL, CH, DE, FR) in 4 days, starting each day in one country and ending it in another (without a single passport check or, in fact, any indication of crossing a border; EU++)

The route back went up through Schwarzwald (with a big emphasis on up) to the source of the Danube (so I can claim to have seen both ends) and then along the Danube up to Ulm.

Scroll down (to after the map) for the per-day reports!

Here are the routes I planned: Feldkirch to Strasbourg" and Strasbourg to Danube (Linz was never a realistic goal...)

And here's what I rode, according to my ancient Garmin (with a few gaps, when it crashed...):

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16.06.2019: Day 1: Feldkirch (AT) to Schaan (FL)

A very short day, as I only arrived in Feldkirch at 19:00. But then Schaan/Vaduz is not that far away, due to the fact that Liechtenstein is not very big :-)

Contrary to the weather forcast, there was no rain, but very nice sunshine (not as brutally hot as in Vienna), a few clouds, crips air, mountains, an a lot of animals: Cows (blocking the bikepath, and being shepherded by a cowboy on a bicylce), various other livestock, and a few storks. As a bonus, I got the 6-bed room in the youth hostel to myself, and it has great blinds!

Looking forward to some proper cycling tomorrow!

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17.06.2019: Day 2: Schaan (FL) to Zürich (CH)
18.06.2019: Day 3: Zürich (CH) via Basel to Bad Bellingen (DE)
19.06.2019: Day 4: Bad Bellingen (DE) to Strasbourg (FR)
23.06.2019: Day 5 - 7: Strasbourg
23.06.2019: Day 8: Strasbourg to Zimmern
24.06.2019: Day 9: Zimmern to Rottenacker
25.06.2019: Day 10: Rottenacker to Ulm
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