Day 2: Schaan (FL) to Zürich (CH)

Not a short day!

I left Schaan at 09:00, but spend 30 minutes in Vaduz to grab some money (always fun to do money business in Liechtenstein, though I doubt that getting 150CHF will raise any red flags) and buy and send some old-school postcards. I crossed into Switzerland via an old wodden bridge, and followed the Rhein upriver for a few kilometers, before turning west along the "Seen-Route #9" along Walensee and Züricher See to Zürich.

The first part was very beautiful, high mountains, a nice river, later the Walensee. I also got to ride through two tunnels! The Obersee was also nice (but less), and after Rapperswil the route was not soo nice, running on a medium-level street with quite some traffic. Plus there was headwind, and the sun was getting hot.

I arrived in Zürich a bit later than planned (at 15:45), after 117.66km in 5h35m (avg speed 21.9km/h). After a quick shower at the hostel, I visted koki at google. They have a very big office there, with all the nice things one would expect from a google office (food, gym, relaxing rooms, more food, bike storage, standing desk, yet more food, ..) and we had a small dinner.

Then I went on to the Swiss Perl Mongers Social Meet where I had "Mistkratzerli" (small thing scratching in garbage), i.e. a very small grilled chicken / chick. We also discussed various Perl topics, the swiss habit of storing military weapons at home, GPS/WGS84 and why it does not apply everywhere and a custom coordinate system used in Switzerland. A very nice evening!

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