Day 9: Zimmern to Rottenacker

Today I was happy that I did pack my bike pump and emergency kit!

Shortly after leaving Zimmern (after a basic breakfast, but still good value for 30€ for the B&B), my front tire went flat. So I unpacked the bike, flipped it around, removed the front wheel, removed the tube, and easily found the puncture, which most likely wasn't a puncture at all. About a kilometer earlier I had to do a very sharp break (because I was checking the Garmin and not paying attention to the path, and thus nearly crashed into a signpost..), and I guess this sharp break caused some shearing between the inner tube and the rim, which lead to the flat tire.

After 20min "break" I was back on track, and soon entered a rather nice landscape, where the Danube breaks through some limetone, which results in a lot of bends, nice cliffs (with impressive castles on top) and some detours up and down some hills.

Unfortunantley this was followed by some rather bland landscape and semi-strong headwinds, for some not too joyfull cycling (I plugged in the headphones to keep my mood up). And it was rather hot, but nearly impossible to find a nice spot to swim in the Danube. At ~15:30 I found a place (probably not a legal one..) and I did some very refreshing swimming in the Danube.

The rest of the day was again rather uneventfull (though it could have been flatter and less windy), and I enden up in a village called Rottenacker. As the only pub is closed on Monday, I had to cycle back 3km to a cluster of supermarktes, and bought dinner at Edeka (and then had to cycle the 3km again, uphill,,,)

The bike computer says 142.74km, 18.8km/h average speed, 52.2km/h max speed and 7h 34m ride time; Garmin adds 549m total ascent.

Tomorrow I will probably only ride to Ulm, declare an end to the bike trip and take the train home. Hm, but Günzburg is right after Ulm, and has a Legoland...

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