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A bike trip from Feldkirch via Zürich (where I visited a friend and ex-co-worker at google and attended a Swiss Perl Monger meetup) and, along the Rhein, to Basel and Strasbourg, for the French Perl Workshop and some Act hacking. I covered 5 countries (AT, FL, CH, DE, FR) in 4 days, starting each day in one country and ending it in another (without a single passport check or, in fact, any indication of crossing a border; EU++)

The route back went up through Schwarzwald (with a big emphasis on up) to the source of the Danube (so I can claim to have seen both ends) and then along the Danube up to Ulm.

Scroll down (to after the map) for the per-day reports!

Here are the routes I planned: Feldkirch to Strasbourg" and Strasbourg to Danube (Linz was never a realistic goal...)

And here's what I rode, according to my ancient Garmin (with a few gaps, when it crashed...):

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16.06.2019: Day 1: Feldkirch (AT) to Schaan (FL)
17.06.2019: Day 2: Schaan (FL) to Zürich (CH)
18.06.2019: Day 3: Zürich (CH) via Basel to Bad Bellingen (DE)
19.06.2019: Day 4: Bad Bellingen (DE) to Strasbourg (FR)
23.06.2019: Day 5 - 7: Strasbourg
23.06.2019: Day 8: Strasbourg to Zimmern
24.06.2019: Day 9: Zimmern to Rottenacker
25.06.2019: Day 10: Rottenacker to Ulm

Today was a very relaxed day, as I only had to ride 40km from Rottenacker to Ulm. From Ulm I am now taking the train home to Vienna (currently on the second leg of that trip, from Munich to Vienna).

I got up late, and left the hotel at 10:00 (after working 1h on a in the end not too complex SQL query), rode for ~41km to Ulm through again rather boring landscape, lots of agriculture, but one short part through an area (near Ulm) that reminded me of the Danube delta.

Right before entering Ulm, I found a nice spot for a last swim, with quite a strong current. But as the water was very shallow (maybe half a meter), so not very dangerous. There was also a guy there doing fly-fishing... Besides cooling down, I used the swim to change into my non-cycling cloths (spending a few hours in sweaty sports cloths on a train is no fun..).

In Ulm, I found a supermarket for some traveling provisions, and spend an hour in some coffee shop drinking a near-coffee-drink (more like an ice milk shake containing traces of coffee (no problem, as I don't really like coffee...)).

When traveling with a bike, the international train options are rather limited, which is why I only could use the train leaving Ulm at 13:57. But on the upside this enabled me to enjoy a chilled (but hot!) last day of my bike trip!

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