Perros-Guirec (14.7. - 17.7.)

Next stop: Perros-Guirec on the Côte de Granit Rose:

  • We did a one-day hike from Perros-Guirec along the coast (and the absurd rock formations) up to Tregastel and took a bus back.
  • A day was spent relaxing on the beach (at low tide, so getting into the water required a quite a walk..).
  • When we came back in the evening, the beach was gone. The tidal range here is indeed impressive!
  • We did another (shorter) hike around Trestrignel in the evening: Nicer temperatures (it was a hot day) and nice evening light / sunset.
  • We had more mussels and galettes, and some very delicious cheeses (from the supermarket)