Saint Malo (18.7. - 21.7.)

After we finally made it to Saint Malo, we spend a few relaxing days there.

  • Les Bains de Mer, the pool with the diving platform filled by the flood is genius. Luckily our hotel was right next to it!
  • I did a sea kayak half-day tour. Very nice, first time I was sea-kayaking, and we also get some decent weather (cloudy, so not too hot, and a bit windy, but not too much).
  • Walking to some of the "islands" is interesting: In the morning the islands are a few hundred meters in the sea, and six hours later you can just walk to them.
  • Did I mention the amazing tidal range?
  • Approx. half of "Intra Muros" (the old town inside the city walls (which was rebuild after being flatted during the Second World War)) is full of tourists and tourist shops, but quite a large number of streets are quiet and residential-looking (though I assume it's mostly airbnb..)
  • We met with fellow Perl/Koha-Hacker Johrols and his partner for moules frites, crêpes and drinks with a sunset view.
  • We did not go to Mont Saint Michel, because getting there with public transport is rather complicated, and we've already seen a bunch of medieval towns.
  • I did not manage to try oysters - maybe next time...