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Information on and slides of various (mostly Perl-related) talks I have given at various (mostly Perl-related) events.

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04.09.2015: Picture of the Day
03.09.2015: Measure::Everything
06.05.2015: lib::projectroot
02.10.2014: ZeroMQ & Perl
02.10.2014: Bread::Board by example
24.08.2014: OX & AngularJS

superheroic & hardworking open source frameworks for back- & frontend

OX is a newish, slim framework for Web Backends in Perl.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for Web Frontends.

Both are based on MVC and Dependency Injection, and make it rather easy to build testable, maintainable & extensible applications.

In this talk I show the very basics of both frameworks, followed by some real-life code as used in an application we are currently developing.



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22.08.2014: Code I'm proud of
03.05.2013: Building static websites using Blio
20.08.2012: Logging Hell
15.08.2011: App-TimeTracker, Metaprogramming & Method Modifiers