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Information on and slides of various (mostly Perl-related) talks I have given at various (mostly Perl-related) events.

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08.03.2019: Things I've learned at 'Advent of Code'
07.03.2019: Vue.js for Perl hackers
06.03.2019: Deploying Perl Apps using Docker, Gitlab & Kubernetes

Some time ago we had the glorious idea to deploy our code into the cloud. The Google cloud, to be specific. This means we had to learn Kubernetes (to manage and scale our apps), Docker (to pack the apps into containers), gitlab CI (to automate the deployment process) and a whole lot more.

In this talk I'll explain the basics of Kubernetes, Docker and CI; describe how to make your app code cloud ready; and show you our current deployment pipeline.

Be prepared to see Perl, YAML, bash, Makefiles and other horrors required for smooth sailing in the clouds.


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