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10.01.2012: App::TimeTracker 2.016
07.11.2011: Twin City Perl Workshop 2011
28.10.2011: timetracker.plix.at
17.10.2011: Fixing a non-broken search form
30.09.2011: How to get umlauts via AltGr using Debian and xkb
13.09.2011: Twin City Perl Workshop

Twin City Perl Workshop 2011 in Vienna and Bratislava is now open for registration. The event will take place on Friday, 4th November, in Vienna (@ Metalab), and on Saturday, 5th November, in Bratislava (@ Hotel Barónka).

If you want to present anything Perl-related in English, Slovak and/or German, please submit a talk!

Train transfer between Vienna and Bratislava is sponsored by Booking.com - thanks a lot! If you or your company / organization would like to sponsor, too, do not hesitate to contact us!

See you in Vienna & Bratislava!

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