• That's a very weird claim for a mouse: "SCROLL 1,000 LINES PER SECOND" - https://www.logitech.com/en-us/products/mice/mx-master-3s.910-006557.html
    2022-05-24 15:02
  • Nice: I finally managed to set up gmail via offlineimap/mutt/smtp, so I'll never have to user their ugly webmail again!
    2022-05-18 13:43
  • Listening to "Let us play" (Coldcut) again for the first time in years - what a great album!
    2022-05-02 12:32
  • Rechtsstaat & Anti-Korruptionsvolksbegehren: https://antikorruptionsbegehren.at/ - diese Woche unterschreiben, geht ganz easy mit Handysignatur
    2022-05-02 07:42
  • Yes, it does! Yay #Perl (and #SQLite, #git and the rest of the stack...)
    2022-05-01 20:09
  • And now let's see if my microblog wrapper also forwards to Mastodon...
    2022-05-01 20:07
  • nice: EU sets up mastodon server: https://social.network.europa.eu/about
    2022-04-29 10:06
  • Bin mit der Proletenpassion aufgewachen, Ostbahn hab ich eher ausgelassen, aber in Kombi mit zB Molden habe ich ihn die letzten paar Jahre gerne und oft gehört. RIP Willi...
    2022-04-24 19:18
  • I like it how broccoli gets greener when you blanch it.
    2022-04-05 16:29
  • Another idea to represent 🐪 and 🦋 in acronyms like "GPW" (German Perl/Raku Workshop) is to interpret the letter "P" as a superposition of the Latin/Greek/Cyrllic letter P/Ρ/Р :-)
    2022-04-01 13:44
  • https://www.siepomaga.pl/russian-bear
    2022-03-25 13:29
  • "I'm old enough to remember when the Internet wasn't a group of five websites, each consisting of screenshots of text from the other four." - https://twitter.com/tveastman/status/1069674780826071040 (via Cory Doctorow)
    2022-01-31 21:35
  • boosted to anti-covid-level 3
    2021-11-20 15:57
  • Warum bekomme ich Spam, dass "Österreichische Mädchen sich kennenlernen wollen"? Entweder haben die Spammer einen Grammatikfehler oder eine schlechte Zielgruppenauswahl..
    2021-11-04 14:30
  • Hab gerade in einem Standup dieses Fritz Grünbaum Zitat gelernt: "Man kann, wenn sie Bericht erstatten, genau wer sie besticht, erraten."
    2021-10-14 07:50
  • https://microship.com/winnebiko/ # Computing Across America (1983-1985)
    2021-08-02 13:13
  • Very much never expected to hear *that* song in an international TV show (at the end of Ted Lasso s02e01)
    2021-07-24 17:21
  • http://www.eusprig.org/horror-stories.htm
    2021-07-23 14:59
  • "Du bist nicht übermäßig schön und nicht exorbitant gscheit" - Anna Mabo, "Der Bär"
    2021-07-23 08:30
  • $vaccinated++
    2021-07-21 06:42
  • First day at the office desktop after ~9 months: I have to do a lot of `git pull` here and sync-stuff there
    2021-06-24 08:36
  • Yesterday I improved the performance of an SQL query by a few 100% by adding several gin_trgm_ops indices to some jsonb. PostgreSQL++
    2021-06-18 07:13
  • $pfizer->inject( $me );
    2021-06-16 07:00
  • I just created issue #2020 in one project. Let's see how it will turn out...
    2021-05-20 09:36
  • "Docker is basically iframes for computers." - https://twitter.com/paulca/status/1392934456244178946
    2021-05-14 10:48
  • Helpful postgres feature of the day: SELECT id FROM user WHERE settings->'colors' ?| array['green','yellow']; -- find all rows where the JSON array 'colors' contains any of green or yellow
    2021-05-12 14:28
  • Very strange requirements for a dev job: 'Must be able to lift objects up to 25 lbs. with or without assistance.', 'Must be able to stand, walk, stoop or crouch while performing daily activities of the job.' https://jobs.perl.org/job/21798
    2021-05-11 08:06
  • ... and the auto-build of the website should now work via a git post-receive hook triggered by this microblog commit
    2021-05-06 20:48
  • Finished my new, greatly simplified tool to create and publish this microblog entries. Now I only need to add a git hook to rebuild the website after a push. And autopost to twitter. And matrix, and IRC, ..
    2021-05-06 19:25
  • Two talks submitted for https://perlconference.us/tprc-2021-cloud/ (one on docker-compose, the other on Koha)
    2021-04-29 20:26