• Finally remembered to use the new /r flag in a #Perl regex substitution to return the changed value while map'ing over a list: `say join(';', map { s/;/,/gr } @values);`
    2024-02-15 16:05
  • TIL: Check when systemd timers will fire via: `systemd-analyze calendar 'Mon *-*-01..07' --iterations 10`
    2024-02-12 12:36
  • Finally got a nice use case for #Postgres pg_cron, but then the business logic was quite complex AND already implemented in the #Perl app, so I wrote an old-school cron script. But at least I got to use UPSERT :-)
    2024-01-22 11:13
  • Nice! I've hacked together a real simple online MP3 player for my 2023 mixtape using the HTML
  • Today in the morning it was "my Rohloff speedhub gearbox is frozen" degrees cold (~-7°). Luckily I had it set to a usuable gear (9), so the ride to work was doable #bicyle
    2024-01-08 09:10
  • Great article: Happy New Year: GPT in 500 lines of SQL - https://explainextended.com/2023/12/31/happy-new-year-15/
    2024-01-06 16:16
  • Solved #AdventOfCode day 5 part 2 one a spare server running the part 1 solution for a few hours (still faster then me debugging my nearly-working smart interval intersection solution)
    2023-12-06 21:25
  • This year, I'll skip #AdventOfCode. But fighting with MarcXML feels just like some of the medium tasks anyway, so I'll participate in spirit :-)
    2023-11-30 11:37
  • "My friends complain that I take everything literally, but I’m not a kleptomaniac" - https://www.cst.cam.ac.uk/blog/afb21/oops-we-automated-bullshit
    2023-11-17 16:02
  • "What I learned was that programming is not really about knowledge or skill but simply about patience, or maybe obsession. Programmers are people who can endure an endless parade of tedious obstacles." - https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2023/11/20/a-coder-considers-the-waning-days-of-the-craft
    2023-11-14 11:00
  • "Fun" bug of the day: We were using something like "where email ilike ':email'", which worked ok for ages, until we finally got two users with emails "foo.1@example.com" and "foo_1@example.com". The second user got random login problems, because "ilike" interprets "_" as a wildcard and would sometimes try to match their password with the other user (which luckily did not match...).
    2023-11-02 19:28
  • Son #1 release a new very random, very fun game: Mosa Lina https://store.steampowered.com/app/2477090/Mosa_Lina/
    2023-10-24 19:57
  • Long and good read: http://bit-player.org/2023/ai-and-the-end-of-programming
    2023-09-14 12:01
  • TIL: EPSG (which provides the number scheme for geospatial projections) is the "European Petroleum Survey Group" - https://pathtocituscon.transistor.fm/episodes/why-people-care-about-postgis-and-postgres-with-paul-ramsey-regina-obe/transcript
    2023-09-13 16:11
  • After two days of meetings an 8 hour train journey in the afternoon provides exactly the right midset to fiddle with CI/CD: fiddle with some settings/Containerfile etc, commit & push, watch the nice landscape (currently Arlberg) pass by and after a few minutes check the result.
    2023-09-13 14:28
  • Fun: manually deleting a bridge set up by docker, because it is hogging the IP space that's also used by the free train WLAN network login page
    2023-09-01 12:50
  • Currently (ab)using DBIC in/deflators, Moose `around` method modifiers and some poor JSON to implement a simple way to localize data in a previously single-language app. #Perl
    2023-08-28 09:50
  • Current mood: Extremly pissed that my new and expensive "expedition" touring #bicycle (TX1000) already has a flat tire (after ~100km cycling in Vienna)
    2023-08-23 12:25
  • TIL (again): use `\sf function-name` to view the source code of a postgres functions in psql. Much more readable output than via `\df+`!
    2023-08-08 09:17
  • TIL: There is no recording of "Für Elise" played on the Didgeridoo available (or at least I cannot find it..)
    2023-07-17 20:32
  • Unlike in winter I'm currently rather happy with my ground floor north facing Altbau (i.e. 75cm solid brick wall) office
    2023-07-10 12:46
  • Just booked my flight to Helsinki for #Perl & #Koha Conference 2023 https://perlkohacon.fi/
    2023-07-02 15:53
  • Approximately 80% of my programming time is spent mapping one data structure to another, applying (tiny) modifications...
    2023-06-16 13:41
  • I payed 5€ more for Martha Wells new book "Witch King" because the cheaper vendor (Barnes & Nobel) had an absolute horrific registration form...
    2023-06-16 08:00
  • TIL: You can use "docker run -h=`hostname` .." to set the containers hostname to the hostname of the host, which allows me to finally get a usable hostname via https://metacpan.org/pod/Plack::App::ServiceStatus
    2023-06-08 21:58
  • I decided the weather is too bad today for a 60km bike ride from Eisenstadt to Vienna, so I'm taking the train. While it would have been fun, I don't want to risk to get ill before our holidays...
    2023-04-15 07:52
  • The "L" in LDAP stands for "Lightweight", which is nearly as appropiate as the "S" in "SOAP" ("simple"). Never believe adjectives in acronyms!
    2023-04-07 12:59
  • What is the universe trying to tell me when the first song I hear this week is "Schlofn" by Müßig Gang? (via FM4 Sunny Side Up) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrLaGiieRNo
    2023-04-03 08:45
  • TIL: Using #OpenAPI Spec 3.0 `oneOf` together with `discriminator` and `allOf` for a much nicer & cleaner spec!
    2023-03-20 14:24
  • Yay, Fat Freddys Drop are playing a concert in Austria (Linz), just got my tickets!
    2023-03-08 11:52