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My personal twitter. Via an irssi plugin I can post messages directly from IRC to this microblog, without having to rely on shady startups that get too much attention. I'm a hacker, I roll my own.

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things I never wanted to learn #232: PostgreSQL 'concat' and '||' behave differently on NULL: SELECT concat(NULL,'foo'), NULL || 'foo';
23.06.2020 12:22:36
a = 11nⁿ where n ∈ ℕ and 11 < a < 150
26.02.2020 20:00:00
Just released https://metacpan.org/release/DOMM/App-TimeTracker-Command-Billing-1.000 - a new TimeTracker plugin to add 'billing points' to tasks: tracker start --issue 123 --billing 2019/Q4
11.12.2019 19:43:00
After properly learning PostgreSQL CTEs & window functions, I need to write a lot less fixup scripts (because I can now do the fixups directly in SQL)
25.11.2019 11:25:00
ACAB: All Clouds Are Bullshit!
11.09.2019 11:56:00
No more teenagers!
27.08.2019 10:00:00
PostgreSQL query of the day: UPDATE paragraph SET args = jsonb_set(args,'{audio_url}',('"' || regexp_replace(args->>'audio_url','old-host.at','new-host.at') || '"')::jsonb) WHERE type = 'audio' AND args->>'audio_url' LIKE '%old-host.at%';
20.05.2019 22:15:26
git meta-alias: alias = config --get-regexp 'alias.*' # run 'git alias' to list all your aliases; via davewood
03.01.2019 12:01:39
things I never wanted to learn #231: to round a value in libreoffice writer, use '=<C6>*24 round 1' not the more obvious '=ROUND(<C6>*24; 1)' from Calc
03.01.2019 12:01:39
typo of the day: git ci -m 'remove debug outpur'
13.11.2018 15:45:14