• I decided the weather is too bad today for a 60km bike ride from Eisenstadt to Vienna, so I'm taking the train. While it would have been fun, I don't want to risk to get ill before our holidays...
    2023-04-15 07:52
  • The "L" in LDAP stands for "Lightweight", which is nearly as appropiate as the "S" in "SOAP" ("simple"). Never believe adjectives in acronyms!
    2023-04-07 12:59
  • What is the universe trying to tell me when the first song I hear this week is "Schlofn" by Müßig Gang? (via FM4 Sunny Side Up) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrLaGiieRNo
    2023-04-03 08:45
  • TIL: Using #OpenAPI Spec 3.0 `oneOf` together with `discriminator` and `allOf` for a much nicer & cleaner spec!
    2023-03-20 14:24
  • Yay, Fat Freddys Drop are playing a concert in Austria (Linz), just got my tickets!
    2023-03-08 11:52
  • Spend half of the day fixing a weird connection issue between a #Perl API backend running in podman on an Azure clown server and a #PostgreSQL DB running on another server. The connection worked for a bit, then stopped. Solution: on_connect_do => 'SET tcp_keepalives_idle = 60'; It seems that something in the Azure network would terminate idle TCP connections, and as the service in question was not getting a lot of requests (esp during dev/testing), this happend quite a lot. Not how I planned to spend my afternoon...
    2023-02-23 16:52
  • Looking forward to using https://perldoc.perl.org/blead/perlclass #Perl
    2023-02-16 19:24
  • I demand a very special place in hell for services that send a 6 digit verification code in an 11kb HTML-only email.
    2023-01-24 12:59
  • I won't make it to this year's German #Perl Workshop https://perlworkshop.de/ :-( The dates (Mon to Wed) would mean traveling on Sunday, which I can't (or rather don't want), and taking the 6.5h train on Monday leaves to little time for the actual workshop. Hopefully it will work out next year!
    2023-01-23 10:20
  • In my quest to shut down my twitter account, I now Unfollowed nearly everyone there and followed them here (if the twitter bio included a mastodon id). It was quite interesting to go through my list, and sadly at least three people on my folloing list have passed away :-(
    2022-12-22 20:14
  • I stopped with #AdventOfCode on day 15 part 2. The ratio between fun and work was tilting heavily towards work, and I was a bit ill. I might get around to try the rest later. The Tetris one looks fun...
    2022-12-18 16:09
  • #AdventOfCode day 14 took quite some time (~1.5h?), my overly verbose code (with extra stupid map building) can be found here: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/14_2.pl
    2022-12-14 21:55
  • Day 13 of #AdventOfCode was fun, I of course used eval to parse, and Data::Dumper to compare/debug. (Only posting this today..) https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/13_2.pl
    2022-12-14 21:54
  • I had a Dijkstra lying around from last year day 15, so I used that for #AdventOfCode day 12. Which worked like a charm for the first part, and also for part two (but slow, so I guess there's a smarter solution) https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/12_1.pl
    2022-12-12 12:53
  • #AdventOfCode day 11 was fun. I wrote a simple parser on a 20min train ride, explaining it to JoHo. The monkey-throwing was done on the the train ride back (the first time I got a * while on the train!). The second part seemd easy, but the code was a tiny bit slow. Using Math::BigInt helped a little (up to 1000), then I read reddit which was (once again) full of modulo). Bit it was bedtime, so I went to bed, and after a few minutes I saw the solution, which then took 1 min to code: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/11_2.pl
    2022-12-11 23:09
  • The first part of #AdventOfCode day 10 took me quite some time (seems my brain is not working well in the gaps between CPU cycles), but rendering the second part was then nice and easy https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/10_2.pl
    2022-12-10 16:04
  • Did day 9 part 1 of #AdventOfCode in my trademarked stupid/simple way, but don't have time for part 2 (work..), maybe later. Or maybe I've reached my yearly time limit, we'll see - https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/09_1.pl
    2022-12-09 10:12
  • For the first part of #AdventOfCode I did a very stupid solution, second part has very little overlap with the first one, so I did a nice solution (also, much later) https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/08_2.pl
    2022-12-08 18:16
  • Today's the weirdest catholic holiday: We get a day off because the greatparents of a certain carpenter had unprotected sex.
    2022-12-08 10:36
  • Today I binned my first try to solve #AdventOfCode (hacked on while waiting at the doctors), the second version was than simple enough. After finishing part 2 I realized (after talking with SaHo) that my code was still too complex, so here's the cleaner vrsion: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/07_2.pl (that can for sure be done even shorter and stil be clean)
    2022-12-07 12:31
  • #AdventOfCode Day 6 felt event easier than day 5: No input parsing, just a tiny bit of `substr`, and the diff between part 1 and 2 is 1 character :-) https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/06_1.pl
    2022-12-06 07:29
  • For #AdventOfCode Day 5 it took me a few minutes to parse the crate setup (convert each line into am array of characters, use array slice to get 1, 5, 9, i.e. Z, M, P) the rest was very simple array manipulation. Part 2 took me less than 2 minutes. https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/05_1.pl
    2022-12-05 10:15
  • #AdventOfCode day 4: Still very easy in #Perl, first part just checking min/max, for the second part I was too lazy to think of the proper if/or/min/max combis so I just ticked of the contents of the ranges and count a hit if a section was already seen: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/04_2.pl Abigal has the smart solution here: https://www.reddit.com/r/adventofcode/comments/zc0zta/comment/iyv2bvt/
    2022-12-04 11:59
  • For #AdventOfCode day 3 a very easy solution immedatily formed in my mind, but typing it in #Perl out took a bit longer (~10min). And I still need to find a smarter way to read `<>` and remove the newline... https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/03_2.pl
    2022-12-03 13:38
  • For #AdventOfCode day 2 I just manually precalulated the values for the 9 combinations into a lookup table and then went through the input to calc the sums: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/blob/main/2022/02_2.pl
    2022-12-02 08:43
  • Achievement of the day: Reduced size of a docker container from 1.6GB to 258MB
    2022-12-01 17:28
  • Day 1 of #AdventOfCode was (expectably) easy enough to do right before the #Koha D-A-CH Usergroup meeting: https://github.com/domm/advent_of_code/tree/main/2022
    2022-12-01 09:10
  • Currently working on a script to import/migrate a bunch of weird data into an old application of ours, which feels a lot like #AdventOfCode (at about day 10)
    2022-11-29 11:32
  • It seems that my workload in December will be so high that I won't be able to participate in https://adventofcode.com/ :-( Still looking forward to it, and maybe I'll have some time next year.
    2022-11-25 13:08
  • More annoying / hateful than smart: https://garrit.xyz/posts/2022-11-24-smart-move-google Oh, and I've checked this in a private session using Firefox, I did not get the share-location dialog at all
    2022-11-24 12:19