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Just in case you like to know, I'm currently spending my time as a father of 2 grown-up sons, Perl hacker who is not afraid to touch other tech, sort-of DJ, bicyclist, cook & taker-of-pictures - while being 40+ years old but too lazy to update my profile once a year.

I'm also head of Vienna.pm, member of the TPF Grants Commitee and the YAPC Europe Foundation and previous maintainer of the CPANTS project.

I've got stuff on CPAN, held various talks and organise the Austrian Perl Workshops and YAPC::Europe 2007.

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28.01.2019: Vienna.pm TechMeet

Tonight we had our first TechMeet of 2019. There was a slight focus on parsing: Daxim talked about "Parsen mit Perl", in preparation for his talk at the German Perl Workshop. Robert also talked about parsing, showing us some parsers he wrote using Parse::Yapp and Parse::RecDescent. Throughout the talks we had interesting discussions about parsing,
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Picture of the Day: germinating chilis

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24.12.2018: Um die Ecke & immer gradeaus

Mit Zungenschnalzen und Prince-Gitarren startet Janelle Monae und makes me feel (01) so good, so good, so fuckin' real. Dirty Projectors trifft anscheinend seine Traumfrau, she's a break thru (02). Superorganism sind vermutlich nicht allzu happy, dass everybody wants to be famous (03), weswegen Homeboy Sandman & Edan vielleicht etwas radikal ...
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20.09.2018: Longest unicode name

At our last Vienna.pm meeting at Cafe Else we talked about brian's recent blog post on new Unicode 10 emojis in Perl 5.28. I noticed that some of them have ridiculous long names: 🤭 (U+1F92D) SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES AND HAND COVERING MOUTH So I wondered which code point has the longest description. Spoiler It's this: ﯹ (U+FBF9) ARABIC ...
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16.09.2018: YEF: Ctrl-Alt-Del

Previously on YEF (This is my personal account on the history of YEF. Other past or current members might have a different story) YEF (a meta-acronym for YAPC Europe Foundation, where YAPC stands for Yet Another Perl Conference) was founded around 2005 by various previous YAPC organizers to help future organizers. The main services are: ...
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18.08.2018: The European Perl Conference 2018 in Glasgow

This year I did not manage (was not in the mood) to take notes during to conference, so this is not my traditional "Things I learned ..." post. I hope you like it anyway... So, Glasgow... It was a great conference at an amazing venue, which was even topped by the attendees dinner location. I ate one deep fried Mars bar and countless cookies. I ...
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things I never wanted to learn #231: to round a value in libreoffice writer, use '=<C6>*24 round 1' not the more obvious '=ROUND(<C6>*24; 1)' from Calc
03.01.2019 12:01:39

typo of the day: git ci -m 'remove debug outpur'
13.11.2018 15:45:14

typo of the day: 'Fackend' (pronounce in German, but think English)
28.09.2018 13:05:49

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