Submit talks for YAPC::Europe 2014!

According to the YAPC::Europe website there are currently only 18 talks submitted. One of those is the pre-conf meeting, two were submitted by me, which leaves 15 talks by other people. This is not enough!

While I do like the hallway track, a YAPC with only a few talks is not what I expect (or what anybody is expecting, I assume).

I am sure you did something interesting last year, learned to use a new CPAN module or some other technology, or published some new code on CPAN and/or github. Tell us about it!

The call for papers will only end at 1st of July, but if you submit your talk now, you could already prepare slides well ahead of the conference (I know, an unheard of heresy...) or even practice your talk at a local Perl Monger meeting (shameless plug).

So get off your lazy bum and submit a talk!