October TechSocialMeet

Yesterday we had our monthly TechSocialMeet:

  • wolmers talked about his work on fuzzy queries on large word-lists and various algorithms for similarity string matching. Interesting!
  • happy-barney (who visited us from Brno) showed us his script which you can use to run your tests against various `perlbrew`ed version of Perl. Could be very handy if you don't want to wait for CPAN Testers :-)
  • and then he showed us some weird inconsistencies in Perl6 Raku.
  • daxim gave an introduction on Unicode enabled fonts and how to use them (which made me finally switch from xterm to a graphical terminal emulator (blog post pending..)). You can maybe make out the 😁 in the photo of my irc session :-)
  • Maroš used a rainy weekend to hack together a cro / raku async webapp to replace a very old Perl script they use at geizhals to show who's currently in the office. It interacts with their door lock and their telephone system (this via another very old Perl script), and talks with a vue.js frontend via websockets. Very inspiring!
  • Finally davewood showed us Parqus, a small module he wrote ~5 years ago and now finally released to CPAN. Quite handy!

Then we moved downstairs to Tachles for food, drinks and chats. Yet another nice evening!