Perl Skewer

Today a colleague posted the following "confession":

I prepare vegetable skewers by starting with a mushroom head and a slice of bell pepper as open parenthesis, and than make sure that they match up at the other end.

Turns out you can do that in Perl, too:

$~ perl -Mutf8 -E 'my @skewer = qw 🍄 some delicious vegs 🍄; say $skewer[1]'


This uses the qw operator (short for "quote words") to build a list of words. Usually you would use qw like this:

my @skewer = qw(some delicious vegs);

Or use some other parenthesises:

my @skewer = qw[some delicious vegs];
my @skewer = qw{some delicious vegs};

But if you add a space after qw you can use any character instead of parenthesis-y ones:

my @skewer = qw ;some delicious vegs;;

This sometimes makes sense when whatever content your quoting contains parenthesis.

And it allows for fun mushroom skewers!


Fixed translation error (paprika vs bell pepper) reported by tyrminal