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Just in case you like to know, I'm currently spending my time as a father of 2 grown-up sons, Perl hacker who is not afraid to touch other tech, sort-of DJ, bicyclist, cook & taker-of-pictures - while being 40+ years old but too lazy to update my profile once a year.

I'm also head of Vienna.pm, member of the TPF Grants Commitee and the YAPC Europe Foundation and previous maintainer of the CPANTS project.

I've got stuff on CPAN, held various talks and organise the Austrian Perl Workshops and YAPC::Europe 2007.

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29.03.2020: Perl Virtual Events?

As you probably all know, the Perl and Raku Conference in Amsterdam has been canceled. As has been the Perl Conference in Houston. On the upside, Todd Rinaldo et.al. have already started a Conference in the Cloud. One idea was to run this "Conference in the Cloud" as a global event, hopefully spanning all time zones. If you want to help ...
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Picture of the Day: Remote Colt Express

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29.03.2020: A very late German Perl Workshop 2020 report

"A long time ago, in a venue far, far away"0 we met for the German Perl Workshop 2020 in Erlangen. Besides the usual benefits of meeting old and new friends (face to face!) and talking about Perl, computers and lots of other stuff, the workshop also features a lot of interesting talks and very professional video recording setup. So if you're ...
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04.03.2020: Perl Intro Curriculum

If we want to attract new people to Perl conferences (and thus Perl), we must make conferences more beginner-friendly. Update: Please check out this github repo: https://github.com/Perl-Intro-Talks/Perl-Intro-Talks I've been thinking about this topic for quite some time yet, as proven by this quote from a post I published after the Perl ...
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04.03.2020: White labeling strategies

In this talk I show some strategies we developed while working on a white-label / multitenancy app. It features some Postgres, vue.js and Template::Toolkit, and a lot of PSGI Middleware. Slides: English slides for German Perl Workshop 2020; ...
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01.03.2020: YEF: shutdown -h

In the last twenty (or so) years, the YAPC::Europe Foundation was the group that "meta-organized" our yearly Perl conferences. But it stopped working a few years ago, and is now in the process of being finally shut down for good - or maybe it already has shut down? One and a half years ago I tried to start a YEF reboot. Today, I admit defeat: I ...
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a = 11nⁿ where n ∈ ℕ and 11 < a < 150
26.02.2020 20:00:00

Just released https://metacpan.org/release/DOMM/App-TimeTracker-Command-Billing-1.000 - a new TimeTracker plugin to add 'billing points' to tasks: tracker start --issue 123 --billing 2019/Q4
11.12.2019 19:43:00

After properly learning PostgreSQL CTEs & window functions, I need to write a lot less fixup scripts (because I can now do the fixups directly in SQL)
25.11.2019 11:25:00

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