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Picture of the Day: Crow chicks nearly grown up, 2023-05-21

Costa Rica

2023-04-25, Reisen

3½ weeks in Costa Rica. For a start, some pictures. I hope I'll get to add detailed info about the trip (and even more photos) ...
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New release of Plack::App::ServiceStatus

2023-02-14, Perl

A few days ago I released version 0.910 of Plack::App::ServiceStatus, a small Plack app that can be used for health checks and general info about your app and its dependencies. Generate buildinfo.json The new version comes with a small script that you can use to gather some info during the build / deployment of your app, which is stored into a ...
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lachen tanzen singen & weinen

2022-12-29, Mixtapes

Der folgende Text erschliesst sich in Kombination mit den Liedern & ihren Texten wesentlich besser: Austrofred & Kurt Razelli müssen den Gürtel enger schnallen und Spoan (to be alive) (01). Cat Power hat es sich zum Glück anders überlegt in Unhate (02). Alt J haben eine schönen Urlaubstags mit U&ME (03). Endlich mal ein Lied über ...
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Things I learned at PGConf.EU 2022

2022-10-28, Perl

The biggest yearly European Postgres, PGConf.EU took place from 26th to 28th October in Berlin. As I have a bunch of friends in Berlin and like Postgres, I decided to attend. I also submitted a talk but wasn't accepted (which in the end did not surprise me, as they got more than 260 submissions and could only accept ~80). So after a nice and ...
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