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Picture of the Day: New homemade laptop case, 2021-11-07


2021-06-10, Talks

Koha, "the world's first free and open source library system", is a big Perl application used by lots of libraries around the world. It also has a big developer community, which hardly overlaps with the "Perl Conference Community". Maybe this talk can help us to join forces. I recently started to work on a project that uses Koha. While I've ...
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Local dev setup for a complex app using docker-compose

2021-06-08, Talks

How to run a non-trivial app (API backends, DB, Cache, mail, JS, https) on your local dev machine using docker-compose. A normal app usually consists of much more components (or services) than just your backend. You'll need a database, maybe a cache, you want to send some mail, serve some JavaScript and run all of that behind https (yes, even on
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Live coding session with Gabor Szabo

2021-04-29, Perl

Today I was invited to join Gabor Szabo for a live pair programming session, where we worked on adding Docker and CI to his course management application. You can view the video of our informal competition who is the worst typist here. At first I was bit skeptical about the concept of live coding (who wants to watch people google^w code for two ...
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Two Dist::Zilla questions (META.yml; user config)

2021-04-03, Perl

During the great RT will be shutdown craze earlier this year, I updated my Dist::Zilla setup to use a custom author bundle (Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::DOMM) so I can unify my Dist::Zilla config in one place (instead of copying dist.ini from project to project, adding & modifying it from time to time, but never backporting improvements ...
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