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Picture of the Day: New Vinyl, 2022-06-13

A Dockerfile for Perl 5.36 / Alpine, with working SSL

2022-06-05, Perl

A new and shiny version of Perl, 5.36 has been released last week. It contains a lot of very nice improvements and new features. As I'm also currently starting a fresh project, I decided it's a good time to build a new docker (in fact podman) base image to use for some new apps / scripts etc. Spoiler: Here's my (current) final Dockerfile! Or read
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Use multiple gmail accounts via mutt and (offline) IMAP

2022-05-19, Perl

I started with a new project recently, which means I have to use yet another Google Workspace (i.e. gmail for businesses). While having the gmail webapp open in multiple Firefox Multi-Account Containers is an option, it's not something I like to do. And I don't really like the gmail web interface anyway. I prefer mutt (and use it since ...
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More Mastodon, less Twitter

2022-04-29, Perl

I was getting more and more annoyed with twitter in the last few months (mostly because I had to click "See [some annoying feature] less often" several times a day) and the whole Musk-takeover finally pushed me over the edge. I've set up an account on Mastodon Technology and plan to use this nice, open source, federated tool more and more, and ...
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Pod2Slides Update: single page talk slides

2022-03-31, Perl

A common critique about slides to my talks is that they are rather annoying to read, because one has to page through the "presentation mode" by clicking next or hitting Enter a lot0. Yesterday I started to change this, and tonight I added some finishing touches like responsive HTML/CSS and an external CSS file. My last three talks are now ...
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