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Picture of the Day: Arenawiese, 2022-10-05

Things I learned at PGDay Austria

2022-09-19, Perl

On Friday 16th the third PGDay Austria took place in Vienna. PGday is a single day PostgreSQL conference with a German and an English track. As I'm using Postgres as my preferred database engine, and also on our most recent project I decided (on rather short notice) to attend. Here's what I learned: Everybody suffers from the knapsack problem, ...
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Paris (22.7. - 26.7.)

2022-07-26, Bretagne (and Paris)

Last stop: Paris! We stayed in a friends apartment near Canal Saint Martin / Goncourt - a good location (with a rather loud bar next door, but we came prepared) We used velib on two days (23 journeys, 66km). On both days it started very nice (especially on Sunday), but turned out to be a bit stressy, as it's hard to find a free spot to "park" ...
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Saint Malo (18.7. - 21.7.)

2022-07-21, Bretagne (and Paris)

After we finally made it to Saint Malo, we spend a few relaxing days there. Les Bains de Mer, the pool with the diving platform filled by the flood is genius. Luckily our hotel was right next to it! I did a sea kayak half-day tour. Very nice, first time I was sea-kayaking, and we also get some decent weather (cloudy, so not too hot, and a bit ...
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The (second) train disaster (18.7.)

2022-07-18, Bretagne (and Paris)

Our plan was to go from Perros-Guirec to Lannion by bus, take another bus to Guingamp, and from there a train to Rennes and on to Saint Melo arriving there in the late afternoon, just in time for some nice swimming on this hottest day in the year (or ever?). But the train from Guingamp to Rennes had a bit of a delay, which after some time was ...
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