Blio updates

You remember Blio, my blogging "engine"? In the last few months I added a few features, fixed some bugs, used it for a few more websites and still haven't added any docs.

New sites powered by Blio

  • wochentags and feiertags, two complementary cooking blogs run by barb. The texts are German, but the pictures look delicious in any language! Wochentags features simple, mostly vegetarian recipes you can cook every day ("wochentags" is "on weekdays" in English), while "feiertags" shows some of the fancier recipes we cook on holidays (as you might have guessed, "feiertags" means "on holidays")
  • is a semi-regular web comic by JoHo. It's also in German, but you still might get some of the jokes...

New Features

Automatic publishing via git hooks

As both publishers of the new sites aren't really technical persons I had to come up with a way for them to publish new content. After considering some alternatives (scp, ftp), I decided to use some nifty git post-receive hook. (ok, so that's not really a Blio feature, but still...)

Here's the gist of it (more details will be published in a future blog post)


cd $ROOT
unset GIT_DIR
git pull
perl $ROOT/ --configfile $ROOT/blio.ini


The hardest part was finding that unset GIT_DIR was necessary for some reason I do not remember right now (c.f. future blog post..)

Paged Lists

Barb needed paged lists, so I implemented them. I spare you the boring paging code...

Still no docs.