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Being subscribed to the ACT mailing list gives you a nice preview of upcoming Perl events. Usually I enjoy this, but at the moment I'm a tiny bit depressed by all the upcoming workshops I won't be able to attend...

There are workshops upcoming in Israel, Switzerland, DC-Baltimore, Germany and, it seems, the Netherlands (the site is not online yet..).

I'm only attending the German Perl Workshop (Berlin!).

I've never been to Israel, and it's a bit far away for a one day event. I've of course never been at the Swiss workshop (because it's the first one this year), but I talked with Roman about organizing a workshop, and while I'd still love to attend, doing two workshops in 14 days might be a bit stressy.

Last year the DC-Baltimore workshop happened right in the middle of our three-week holiday in New York, so I attended it. It was very nice, and I'd love to go there once again, but going to Baltimore for a single day workshop is even more out-of-the-way than going to Israel..

I've been to several Dutch Perl Workshops, and they are always excellent, plus I would meet a lot of friends there. Hmm, so maybe I'll try to get to the Dutch workshop.

So many tasty options. So little time and travel budget...

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