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28.03.2013: Blio featured on Perl maven

Perl Maven is a site run by the incredible Gabor Szabo. There, Gabor publishes a Perl tutorial, ebooks and video courses. And today he featured Blio, my blogging 'engine'.

Well, he did not just feature it, but in fact he wrote a tutorial on how to use Blio and github. Gabor goes through a great effort to explain how to set up Blio, what files go where, and how to run it (things I failed to document for a long time, and only started after Gabor actually started it).

While I knew the parts about Blio (duh), I did not know that you can use github to actually host a static blog/web page. And you can even point your own domain name to this static page (hopefully powered by Blio..). Interesting...

Now I should really start to prepare a proper Blio release (docs, HOWTOs, example templates, ..) and push it to CPAN.

In case you haven't clicked it yet, here's the link to the article again: http://perlmaven.com/building-a-static-blog-using-blio-and-github"

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