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19.08.2019: Topic Analysis of PerlCon 2019 talks
10.08.2019: PerlCon 2019 in Rīga

This year our Perl conference took place in Rīga under the new and improved name PerlCon. Improving names was generally a hot topic, I won't go into details here, but please do checkout the discussion and participate!

Andrew Shitov and Grigorii Filomafitskii did a great job organizing another wonderful Perl conference, for the second time in Rīga. As the venue was also a hotel (with a small spa (the water kind, not JavaScript..)), I was expecting a few attendees to show up in bathrobes during talks, but this did not happen...

Some notes and quotes I managed to remember

I missed quite a lot of talks, so I'm looking forward to the videos of all the talks. Currently there are "only" the live stream dumps available, but in the near future we'll get access to the distinct talks on youtube. Thanks a lot to the video team / Shadowcat Systems and all the people helping to record the videos!


I had (as usual) a wonderful time chatting with old and new friends in the hallway track, during the coffee breaks and lunch, at the attendees dinner ("IT IS LOUD IN HERE.." - "WHAT???"), at the official and unofficial game night (The Great Dalmuti is still one of the best games for a crowd of casual (non)-gamers) and while walking through Rīga.

And I was quite impressed by the language skills of the 11 year old artist and soon-to-be Dalmuti grandmaster from Estonia, whose name I unfortunately could not remember and who did not sign his drawing of me..

My talks

I also did two lightning talks, one about my new tattoo, and the other about a rather old project (from 2008), Acme::ReturnValues and the accompanying website https://returnvalues.plix.at/

2020 and the future of PerlCon

As the YAPC::Europe Foundation is quite dead (at least in a practical way), there was nobody to choose the location of next years conference. Therefore this task was handed off to the attendees. They could decide between two proposals: Amsterdam and Cyprus. After two short presentations, everybody got a glass token to put into one of two plastic boxes - it was a very transparent election :-). This went surprisingly fast, and in the end Amsterdam won with a tight margin of 7 votes: Amsterdam 64 : 57 Cyprus. So we won't see attendees in bath trunks next year...

Please also check out the general PerlCon Wiki, where we try to amass all knowledge needed so we can continue to have great Perl conferences. If you want to participate and help, please join the Venue mailinglist!


Thanks to the orgas, the speakers, the attendees, and of course the sponsors!

See you all again next year in Amsterdam!


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