bicycle tour along the vlatva

After packing our cycles (the camping gear was stored in my bike trailer, mostly to slow me down a bit..) we took the train to České Budějovice and from there we cycled to Český Krumlov, where we camped for two nights. We spend a sunny day exploring the nice small city (again..).

Then we rode on Lipno Stausee, the longest trip on this journy. Very nice countryside, the only downside was that there is no dedicated bike tour - you have to ride on the regular street, among a few cars. The last part (after Vyšší Brod) was quite the oposite: a rather rough track over rocks throug the forst, alongside the Vlatva and a railway track.

We camped a few days in Frymburk, but the weather was suboptimal. But we managed to get a few hours of sunshine in the rather absurd tourist ressort Lipno nad Vlatvou (or at the bobsleigh track there, to be specific).

On our way back we cycled along the souther shore of the Lipno lake (nearly touching the Austrian border), using the "longest ferry route in the Czech Republic" (about 1200 meters... :-) to cross the lake, catching a train at Hurka back to České Budějovice. We spend a night there and then went back home, to get rid of our wet camping gear...

But despite the awful weather, it was a nice holiday (und kein Straflager..)