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Einige Reisen, die wir so gemacht haben, tw auch mit Fotos.

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26.07.2011: Bicycle tour to Franzen

We continued out cycling trip after a day of rest in Vienna, and now without the camping gear. Our destination was Franzen, small village between Truppenuebungsplatz Allensteig and Dobra-Stausee. Also, a friend of ours recently bought a big house there (which used to be the local pub 15 years ago).

We cycled along the Danube upstream up to Kraftwerk Grafenw├Ârth, then along the river Kamp up to Horn, and from there to Franzen (with a long stop at the Kletterpark Rosenburg)

After three days of cycling we arrived in Franzen and spent two lazy days there - very nice area!

To get back to Vienna we cycled through the Truppenuebungsplatz, which was quite interesting: There were several waring signs telling to not leave the road and to not take pictures. And the countryside was untouched by farming.

Nice trip...

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18.07.2011: bicycle tour along the vlatva
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